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Wordless Wednesday


Did a little HAPPY dance today.

So this is not a Little Drummer Boy post, because I have something else to share with you.

I have become involved with our local A & P Show. Helping to run the photography competition, and a few other things. I was also involved in helping with the signs to advertise it.

Today when coming home from Tauranga I saw the sign. My images up on a billboard for everyone to see.

I did a U turn and went back to take a photo…but not before I did a little HAPPY dance. Feeling ridiculously proud right now.


Every photo is one of mine.

Every one.

Just about bursting with happiness.

So of course I interrupted my scheduled posts to share this news with you.

100 Steps Photo Challenge

The challenge from PhotoBlog this month is: 100 Steps: Prepare a short itinerary you would like to explore, and once there, stop every 100 steps and find something to photograph around you.
This project is about finding inspiration in an unknown environment. Most of the time, it will be easy, because you will find what your itinerary was about (pretty buildings, flowers, people… or whatever you were expecting to see).
But other times, you will be in a spot where nothing makes a good photo at first glance… Wait a little, walk a few steps around where you stopped, look up, look down, change your lens, and I promise you: you will find something good to photograph!

This is what I came up with from the images I took on my walk.

The header consists of other photos I took on my 100 steps walk.


My boy Kevin Costner scores at the Emmy Award‘s just a few minutes ago with his role in “Hatfields & McCoys,” taking the best actor in a miniseries or movie award and likening his trophy to an Olympic medal.

I’ve seen the mini series and by God it is GOOD !!!! Kevin Costner ROCKS in it.