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My Happy Place

Show where you go to get your groove back is the challenge.

Mostly this is the place where I feel the air blow through me and clean out all that has crowded in.


It sets me right again with the world.

I head for the sea.

Feeling very happy…the following photo got 2nd Prize in our biennial Arts & Murals Festival which just took place in Katikati. First time I have ever gotten anywhere in this competition. And with one of my favourite shots. Thinking of framing it and keeping it.

How amazing are they ???
How amazing are they ???



A Photo a Week Challenge: Unusual Clouds

Nancy Merrill Photography has as this week’s challenge unusual clouds. Seeing as I love clouds I couldn’t help myself but join in.

So…here are two images I think are unusual clouds.

  1.  Can anyone see what I found in this cloud ?


IMG_0980 copy

2. I think these clouds are just downright pretty !

IMG_6511 copy

Okay…I am done. It is a very wet Sunday here in the Land of the Long White Cloud. The fur babies and I are cuddled up on the bed and fully intend to waste the day away snuggling.

Wordless Wednesday

IMG_8178 copy

Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday


Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

This morning I sat outside waiting for Chevvy to do her thing. And finally I realised what I wanted to do for this week’s challenge. I saw what has to be one of the World’s greatest masterpieces. Yet everyday we [humans] take it for granted. We waste it and we pollute it. We should be guarding it for future generations. Our arrogance astounds me.

This morning I put all that aside and just marvelled at how perfect it is, and how precious. And I tried to capture a few tiny particles of it…for no matter how small its quantity…its quality is grandiose.

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Wordless Wednesday



Small Stone #14 January 2013

sleeplessness is a gift

if you want it to be,

for the world has many mysteries

cloaked in the damp black night,

walk gently as you enter

better still…go barefoot

that all your senses can marinate

in its flavours, colours and patterns

where ever you find them


Lucky for this guy I was barefoot and walking gently and felt him before it was too late. This is what photography has brought back to me.

No camera = seeing nothing beyond the slime.

Camera = seeing his beauty, his colour, his patterns.

Oh and FYI – these guys are faster than you think.


Small Stone #5 January 2013


uneven colour

stamen bent, different lengths, pointing in directions as if confused,

petals torn, twisted, varied shapes

these imperfections are what make her beautiful I think,

as I look down and tear off a broken fingernail


Places to read other stones and post your own:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

When I saw this week’s challenge it made me instantly think of this image. The balance in nature is perhaps the most delicate thing in our world, and yet each day we deliberately tamper with it.

Some foolishly believe we are the master, that the resource is infinite. My hope is that we learn to respect it…before we lose it forever.

pollen covered bee