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Help keep Joanne alive.

I'd like to introduce you to my friend Joanne. We met years ago through a poetry group and just clicked. She is one of the best, brightest, kindest & funniest women I have had the privilege to call a friend. She is also one of the bravest, spunkiest women I know. As cancer has wreaked… Continue reading Help keep Joanne alive.

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Two-Headed Coin

You said you’d love me, till I lay cold in a box of walnut with silver handles; now I turn the electric blanket to two, and keep my socks on at night. You promised to wear your ring with pride, but melted it down for thirty dollars, You wanted to fall asleep inside me; rock… Continue reading Two-Headed Coin

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Love & violence. I was...and am I huge fan of Sons of Anarchy. I  watched the first episode and was hooked right though to the end. It was a violent TV show. There is no getting away from that. With all the love stories, all the camaraderie...there it was...violence. It made me wonder. What made me keep… Continue reading Love & violence.

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25 years ago today…

Of all the cliches in the world 'time flies when your having fun', actually appears to be true !! I have forgotten the extent of the pain I went through [actually - NO - I haven't] that afternoon. What I know is that it was worth every minute of it. Did I really just say… Continue reading 25 years ago today…

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Wordless Wednesday

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

So many types of love...that's what makes it so interesting. Here is my version of love...Kiwi style. There is the love that exists between an animal and a I understand completely. They love you without reservation and with no expectations. Young love always makes me smile [and yes my smiles always reach my toes],… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

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Prose – Real Love – My Universal Truth

Jane Austen begins my favourite book of hers with a universal truth, as she saw it. My universal truth is different. Is it because of the age I live in, or that we are different people? Both truths concern love, traversing eras. My truth is that for real love, a person will wholeheartedly, gladly, give… Continue reading Prose – Real Love – My Universal Truth


The Capacity of Katie

If you are the intuitive type at all, you have the capacity to work out that I am a bit of an animal person. More than a bit. At present my mortgage bears scars from the vet. Large scars. I tend to rush the animals to the vet more than I did the kids. Whoa… Continue reading The Capacity of Katie


Brothers and sisters…

My children fight. They have since before I left the hospital with my son. My daughter was not impressed, when our previously devoted-to-her neighbour, made cute faces and funny noises at the squalling thing in the plexi-glass bed. He had to be rescued from sailing out into the hospital corridor after she gave his crib… Continue reading Brothers and sisters…


I’m a mother – above all other things.

I’m a mother. For twenty-one years those three words were the first thing I said when asked about myself. I always followed my name with, ------‘s mother. With both children out of home now I am concentrating more on myself. But it’s hard. When someone does something I regard as detrimental to one of my… Continue reading I’m a mother – above all other things.