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I’m so excited…that I just can’t hide it !!!!!!!!

This was and always will be a favourite TV show. The daughter and I spent blissful hours lost in another world when we watched together.

I am bursting all over at the thought that we get another dose of this beloved town and its inhabitants.

I am behaving a bit like Chev. Shaking all over just thinking about it.


Family Matters – Supernatural Season 6 Episode 7

There is a lot going on in this episode.

After last weeks ending – Dean beating the Hell (oh – no pun intended) out of Sam, Sam is in a terrible state. Bloody, and tied to a chair.

"Has he been feverish?" Cas asks about Sam

After sticking his arm into Sam’s body Cas breaks the news that Sam has come back from Hell with a vital piece missing – his soul.

"This will be unpleasant, " Cas...

Sammy – without a soul.

The writers must have thought they’d died – and been issued with a Heaven says do what you want pass.

"So, is he even still Sam?" Dean asks Cas

The places they can go with this – it’s as good as Lucifer/Sam.

I’d loved to hear what Jared Padelecki thought of this turn in the scripting. After years of playing sweet Sammy, last season he gets to do EVIL Lucifer/Sam, and now this.

So where is Sam’s soul?

Cas thinks it is still trapped in the cage with both Lucifer and Michael. Oh my – this just keeps getting better – imagine what the writers can do with all these scenarios.

"I'm not some psycho," Sam tries to reassure Dean.

Can they get it back?

Doesn’t sound like it will be easy – if it is at all possible. Especially as Sam has no memory of how, or who got him out of the cage.

Seeing as Samuel got out the same day – well it is off to the compound for TBs and Cas.

I know Samuel is their grandfather – but I don’t like the guy. I don’t have a lot of time for Christian either. Both of these characters creep me out.

Cas has one of the best lines in this episode when Samuel calls him scrawny.

“This is a vessel,” Cas tells Samuel.

“My true form is approximately the size of your Chrysler building.” Even angels do a little male bragging it seems.

Cas is getting great lines this episode. When Dean tells him to hurry up and find a cure for Sam (even though poor old Cas is in the middle of a war up in Heaven), his reply is so deadpan it seems to take even Dean by surprise.

“Of course,” says Cas. “Your problems always come first.”

Samuel has a surprise for the boys – he is closing in on the alpha vampire –  but he was not going to include them.

Is this the house from Dean's psychic episode when he was a vampire?

After becoming a vampire himself for a while, Dean is not about to be kept out of the hunt.

Dean's not happy about being saved by a girl.

Seems Dean is like me – he doesn’t trust Samuel either, and he doesn’t like Christian anymore than I do.

Dean is ready to confront Sam.

Sam is also still keeping secrets.

He knows that Samuel is keeping and torturing monsters – he just doesn’t know why.

Of course Dean is going to do whatever it takes to find out  – so after being sneaky, they track down Samuel and the alpha vampire.

Samuel is a definitely into something that is not right – he is on the hunt for Purgatory.

And it’s not Samuel who wants purgatory according to Big Daddy Vamp – so “who’s hands up his ass” asks our resident wordsmith Dean.

So - who is this guy's mother ???

Big Daddy vampire is a tough one.

But he sure remembers Dean from when he was one of them.

After sniffing out that Sam has no soul – interesting traits these monsters have – Daddy vamp gets loose.

But not before he throws out a few hints – something is going on with souls – and not just Sam’s. Big Daddy Vamp has an interest in Sam. It appears souls can get in the way of his little monster family. Imagine a vampire without a conscience – what a monster that would be – hence the desire to turn Sam.

Of course not all goes to plan with Samuel catching the boys interrogating the Alpha vamp before he manages to get loose.

Imagine having a Grandfather like this...

Really Samuel? You actually thought a few chains and some dead man’s blood would hold him.

When Big Daddy Vamp tracks down Sam and is about to change him,

Scared Sam ?

things get interesting.

I knew there was a reason Dean and I didn't like this guy.

Turns out Christian is actually a demon, and has been for a while.

Enter Crowley.

Well hello Crowley.

My favourite demon in the world.

Samuel has been working for Crowley all the time. It’s Crowley who wants Purgatory. But why?

His explanation is that he wants to develop Purgatory. And now he has the boys working for him.

Yep – you heard it here. TBs are working for a demon.

Seems Crowley is the one who pulled Sam out of Hell. And Samuel knew it all the time. Crowley is no longer a cross roads demon.

Crowley is The King of Hell.

He has taken the top job now that Lucifer is locked in the cage. Go Crowley.

If Sam wants his soul back – well Crowley will only consider it if TBs continue bringing him monsters.

“Me Charlie – you angels,” says Crowley.

I love the lines these writers give Crowley.

I was with Sam when he wanted to kill Granddaddy. Lucky for Samuel that Dean does have a soul.

So will TBs continue working for Crowley? If Sam has his way they will.

Dean is not so sure.

“Demons bone you every time.” Dean is funny even when he isn’t trying to be.

I have a feeling that there is more to be revealed concerning Sam’s soul.

The Devil You Know – maybe NOT always the best choice.

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Crowley is back. After Gabriel, aka the Trickster, Crowley is my favourite bad guy.

He gets to utter some of the best lines – again.

“Where’s your moose?” He asks Dean, referring to Sam.

“I’ll wager you a thousand pounds my pup wins.” When he brings his own Hell Hound to deal with the Hell Hounds that are after them.

“When they’re getting their Grammys, they shouldn’t all be thanking God.” Telling Bobby just what he is actually capable of.

In this episode we begin to see just how far back the demon’s manipulation of Sam really goes. They went so far as to set him up with Jessica, just so they could kill her and get him back on the road with Dean.

This series has really bought a lot of seemingly lose ends together.

It is amazing how the writers have been building up to the climax of this season throughout the five years. So many small moments that now make sense.

Maybe that’s why I find this show so good. The planning that has gone into each series, each episode, when they probably had no idea that it would go on this long.

Or maybe they just took what came before and found a way to use it. Either way – damn good writing.

So the boys head off to track down Pestilence.

And Crowley goes off to visit with Bobby.


Hmmm…he’s after Bobby’s soul.

But will Bobby be stupid enough to agree?

The song remains the same…

My guess – the writers had a lot of fun writing this episode.

There are so many layers to the subtext – I am sorry, but I have to say it again.

Damn the writers of this show are good.

What a way to start. Dean with an angel and a devil, and they’re strippers !!

Anna is back.

As usual – all is not what it seems – Anna is now out to do some killing of her own.

Only she wants to kill one of the boys.

Luckily we still have our angel in the trench coat, and he does not let that happen. Go Cas !!

With Anna doing the time warp thingee and heading off to 1978 to kill the boys’ mother, Cas zapped them all back there as well. If only I had my own time zapping angel. So cool !!

It’s weird though – seeing Cas injured. It takes a bit of getting used to, this whole Cas losing his angel juice scenario. They could not have picked a better actor than Misha Collins to play Castiel.

Back to 1978 they go…

Between the writers and Misha, Castiel is a dream character.

Conversation over the coffee table at the Winchester’s – priceless. There was so much subtle subtext in the conversations between the boys and their unsuspecting parents.

Watching Mary kick butt – yeah feminism.

Now, next came one of my favourite moments. First you have the Impala. Always good.

Then you have the whole Winchester clan in the car.

And here it comes – John telling them all: “Not another word, all of you, or so help me I will turn this car around!”

WOW – how many times have I said that to my kids !!

In this episode we eventually got a glimpse of the John we know. ‘Tough John.’ Finally.

When Sam gets to have some time alone with John, well the eyes got a bit misty in my house. Luckily I taped it so I can watch it again. Such a moment of paradox in their relationship.

Some father/son time…

So far we have Anna, Mary, and John back. But that’s not all folks. Our evil angel Uriel is back for a visit as well. This was one of my favourite bad guys until Anna killed him. Time travel makes anything possible – so welcome back Uriel, even if it is only for one episode.

Then came another teary moment, a Mary and Dean moment, that ended up one of the saddest moments in five seasons between Mary and both of her sons. Well, I guess I’ll just leave you to watch it.

Okay – I had a tear or two for this episode – I admit it !!

But hey, this is a butt kicking show so before long the Winchesters are fighting angels again. Man, what ever happened to fluffy winged, good angels?

Anna gets what she wants – she kills Sam.

Of course, being Supernatural that’s not the end, of Sam or the episode.

One more angel makes an appearance. Michael.

I’ve been waiting for this since episode one this season.

Dean and his angel in the same room.

All my illusions have been shattered as far as angels go.

AND – the subtext continues right to the end.

Watching Mary and John, with Mary murmuring to an unborn Dean that: “Angels are watching over you.”

It takes subtext to a whole new level.

Now, how many hours is that until next Friday?