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Abelard’s Pissior

Abelard struggled through the tavern. Each step was difficult as he felt his bowels rumble in warning. He sucked his butt cheeks firmly together and prayed he would make it through the mass of tightly packed bodies. The heat from the crowd gave the tavern a sickly moist aroma. Discretely passing small flourishes of wind… Continue reading Abelard’s Pissior

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Buckshot Bryant thinks it is time to remind y’all…she is still here !!!

BUCKSHOT BRYANT Joanne “Buckshot” Bryant was a notorious bank and train robber and is possibly best-remembered as the Queen of the Rustlers in the American West of the 1800′s. It could truly be said that this queen came from a family of outlaw aristocracy. Her parents ran the infamous Bryant Gang in Australia and may… Continue reading Buckshot Bryant thinks it is time to remind y’all…she is still here !!!


Marionette – My Thoughts

Some of you may know the lovely lady above. T B Markinson is her name for those of you who do not. I recently got my hands on a copy of her newest book...MARIONETTE. I was a bit hesitant about reading a book from someone I Gods...what if I hate it ?? Especially when… Continue reading Marionette – My Thoughts

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Day thirteen and I am going a little nuts. Well a little more than usual !!!!

You might be wondering how NaNoWriMo is going ?? I would have shown you a photo of me writing...but I look a little scary these days. Too much caffeine, late nights, hating my writing and a lot of head banging will do that !!! It has its moments. I am really struggling with not being… Continue reading Day thirteen and I am going a little nuts. Well a little more than usual !!!!

The Book

The Draco Stone continues…

Chapter I Scene IV He turns immediately to the left and begins picking his way through the dim brush. We proceed single file. For many hours we trek with only the unicorns’ sight to guide us through the darkness. As we go deeper, even though the sun would be rising, it does not reach onto… Continue reading The Draco Stone continues…

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Day 6 of NaNoWriMo

Well you may be asking how it is all going. I had to take the weekend off to wizz up to Auckland...which provided lots of photo taking opportunities. It also provided a chance to get dressed up. Gilly tells me I should make the following photo my gravatar - instead of [as she very politely… Continue reading Day 6 of NaNoWriMo

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12.01 am

It is impossible to sleep. I have worked myself right in to this whole NaNoWriMo thing. So what the heck...I am starting right now. Well as soon as I post this I am. Not even going to look online until I have done as much as I need to. I need to get a little… Continue reading 12.01 am

The Book

The short story that morphed in to a novel.

Tomorrow NaNoWriMo begins. As does my task of taking Deveron on his journey to retrieve the Draco Stone and return it to the Opinouwi. For now I would like to share with you the short story that started it all. Actually it is not soooooooo short...2,967 words to be exact. I hope you will get… Continue reading The short story that morphed in to a novel.

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Buckshot rides again…with the Winchester boys !!!!!!

Now Friday the 3rd of August is officially Frontierado Day. What's that you ask ???  Ed explains it here. There are recipes and Frontierado Poker and Silverado. Due to some glitches with the computer I have been lax this year in promoting what has to be one of the best thought out holidays there ever… Continue reading Buckshot rides again…with the Winchester boys !!!!!!


Create A World Writing Contest.

Sorry guys...I'm back chasing People's Choice votes again. This time I entered a story over at The Dark Globe. It is an edited version of an earlier story I posted in my fiction pages. Less wordy and I hope better than the original: The Dragonflies Loop. I am interested to hear your opinion !!! You… Continue reading Create A World Writing Contest.