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New life…

My neighbour’s foxy has had puppies from another local foxy that roamed free here for a time. Yesterday I got to spend some time with them.

Though puppies are gorgeous and pull at your heart…I couldn’t help thinking of all the puppies and kittens who are born and abandoned because Mum wasn’t spayed.

These guys will get homes. They are luckier than many others.

Yet I can’t help thinking that they should not have been born. Had Mum been spayed as she should be.

I understand the pull to have baby animals…my kids wanted that too.

“Please Mum…can Chevvy/Jack have babies ?? Please, please Mum !!”

And I have to admit I would have adored having babies in the house…but I firmly resisted and both my girls were spayed. Charlie was also dealt to…and is none the worse for it…contrary to some male opinion on the subject !!!

We have indulged our passion for fur babies by fostering some of the abandoned fur babies often left on the door of the local vet clinic.

A part of me can’t help wishing more people did the same and reduced the number of babies born so that those that are stand a better chance of finding their forever homes and being a loved family member.


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No wonder I have trouble sleeping.

This is Chevvy – and it is actually C H E V V Y – my daughter named her, not me, so no, she was not named after the ’67 Chevy Impala.

I do however think I have rubbed off on the daughter’s taste in cars – she likes the old ones as well.

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As you can see – she makes herself at home in my bed.