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The Wolf of Wall Street

This scene is soooo brilliant.
This scene is soooo brilliant.

I watched this last night. Up front I want to say I am a HUGE Leo fan. But I will admit when he gets it wrong…God how I hated the movie The Beach. But when he gets it right he really gets it right.

He got it right with The Wolf of Wall Street. I was actually howling with laughter at some of it.

With all the crap that goes on in Wall Street of course you should hate these guys…right ???

I was actually rooting for Jordan Belfort in the end. I know…but what can I say. The guy was so screwed up about wealth and drugs and sex that he becomes the perfect anti-hero that you end up loving a little bit.

If you want to see a real life commentary of the damage this guy and his work buddies most certainly caused then you will have to wait for a documentary. But as far as entertainment goes this film ticks all the boxes for me.

The cast is brilliant.


Jonah Hill as Donnie Azoff is a masterpiece of acting. One minute the guy had me rolling with laughter the next I wanted to hit him with a two by four. All the while completely mesmerized by his character…almost as much as Leo’s.

Matthew McConaughey makes a small but oh so Matthew appearance…so for you fans out there…


The cinematography is breathtaking. I love the script. It is fast, funny and there are so many really clever little bits in there . I will be watching for more of Terence Winter’s scripts. As a writer there is not much I love more than a really good book or script.

Rob Reiner as Jordan’s Dad Max does a superb job. Right from the moment you meet his character in the movie you are under his spell.

Rob Reiner as Max Belfort

And brilliantly cast as Aunt Emma, the ever so wonderful Joanna Lumley. Boy was I jealous of Joanna…getting to get ever so close to the delicious Mr Di Caprio.


Please do yourself a favour and go see this film. You won’t regret it. I sure didn’t.

And I have to say it was lovely seeing Leo up there gripping his Golden Globe. He really did deserve it for this one. Now if only I can bring myself to watch The Great Gatsby. I am fearful about that one.


Her first period…

This is The Frantics…

There is just nothing more to say about this than enjoy…

TV parody at its finest.

Friday nights just keep getting better. My favourite show finishes at 11.30 but I was still up laughing at 1 a.m.

A sucker for anything that can take the mickey out of itself, this episode was perfect. They bought back one of the shows best characters, and doing what he does best he threw the brothers into chaos.

They end up in TV land.


Especially when they walk the halls of Seattle Mercy Hospital (if you haven’t figured that out, you are not a Grey’s Anatomy fan). Over in the corner is one of the shows neurotic female doctors, being haunted by a ghost. Incredibly funny as the boys’ dead Daddy played a ghost on Grey’s Anatomy.

The send ups just kept coming.

I’m not an enthusiast of Japanese games shows – but watching the boys on one was hilarious, and as a female, seeing someone get whacked in the nuts with a giant ball is funny. It is.

I think the writers must have been rolling on the floor when they wrote some of this episode. At the moment they seem preoccupied with sexual transmitted diseases. Last week they gave one of the brothers the clap, this week he had genital herpes.

Next they took on CSI. Now I’m a CSI aficionado. But I guess every show has its moments that lend themselves to a send up. I’ll be watching CSI more closely in future.

The moment that had me laughing until 1 a.m. though was the genius of turning one of the brothers into KIT from Knight Rider, and having the other one fiddling around in the trunk. The jokes from that scene were priceless.

Thank God there are 22 episodes each season – I can’t get enough of this show. Roll on Friday…