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The H of Aussie Slang

Hair pins : bobbypins

Hairy eyeball : to examine someone or something closely

Handle : glass beer mug with a handle

Happy little vegemite : an Australian child

Hard yakka : extremely hard work. Hard Yakka is also the name of a tough workware company.

Harold Holt, to do the : To bolt. Harold Holt was Prime Minister of Australia when he disappeared on December 17, 1967.

Hash sign : #, pound sign (USA)

Have a naughty : sex

Have a slash : to urinate (normally referred to the male gender)

Have a snort : to have a drink (alcoholic)

Have a sticky / sticky beak : to pry into others affairs

Haven’t got two bob to rub together : absolutely broke; without money; penniless

Having a blue : to have an argument or fight

Heaps : a lot, e.g. “thanks heaps”, “(s)he made heaps of cash”

Hectare : 10,000 square metres

He’s got a goog : he has a bump on their head the size of an egg

He’s got tickets on himself : thinks very highly of themselves, a self opinionated person

High-set : a traditional Queenslander house that is built on stumps above the ground

Hills hoist : a clothesline which rotates and can be folded in on itself (like an umbrella) when not being used. It is an Australian invention, and most Australian homes will have one.

Hire purchase : when you purchase something and pay it off in installments. Usually over a predetermined time.

Holden : an Australian make of car

Hole in the wall : an ATM (automatic teller machine)

Holidays : refers to time off work/vacations

Holy dooley! : an exclamation of sudden surprise, good heavens, my goodness, good grief or similar

Hoon : a real hooligan of a person

Hooroo : farewell, goodbye

Hostie : an airline hostess or stewardess

Hotel : often just a pub

Hottie : hot water bottle/a hotted-up car/an exagerated tale or story

Hoyts : name of a popular theatre complex and chain

HSC : high school certificate/diploma

Humpy : a small shack, usually in poor condition

Hundreds and thousands : sprinkles (used on cakes and deserts)

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The F of Aussie Slang

I hope you are worried at this letter !!!!

Face fungus – facial hair

I knew if I tried I’d find a way to get Christian Bale in here somehow…

Face like a chook’s arse – a miserable expression

Face like a smashed crab – ugly

Face like a mallee root – ugly

Face like a yard of tripe – a miserable expression

Fair cow – disagreeable thing or event

Fag – cigarette

Fair crack of the whip! – request that is directed at other people asking them to display understanding, to give you an honest deal or arrangement

Fair dinkum – true, 100% genuine

Fair enough – expression used to concede a point; when someone gives up on a verbal argument/disagreement.

Fair go – a chance (“give a bloke a fair go will ya!”)

Fair suck of the sauce ! – be fair!.

Fair suck of the sav! – exclamation of astonishment and wonder

Fairy bower – shower

Fairy floss – candy floss, cotton candy on a stick

Fan-bloody-tastic –an exclamation of jubilation

Fang carpenter – dentist

Far gone – beyond repair; madly in love; drunk

Farmer Giles – piles; haemorroids

Fat (as in ‘he’s got a fat’ or to ‘crack a fat’) – an erection

Fatties – wide, low profile tires on a car

Feed the chooks – 1. to submit to reporters and TV cameras giving out tidbits of information (a form employed by politicians), 2. to masturbate (males)

Feral ute – V8 ute that sports a large heavy roo-bar, aerials, huge mudflaps and stickers over the rear window and tailgate

Feral (noun) – a hippie type person

Few stubbies/cans short of a six pack – lacking in intelligence

Fibro – Fibrous cement sheets that are used for the construction of buildings

Fiddlesticks – rubbish, not true, nonsense

Figjam –F*ck I‘m good; just ask me”. A term used for people who tend to have a high opinion of themselves

Fisho – fishmonger

Fit as a mallee bull – in great health

Mallee Bull, Birchip, Victoria

Fits like a finger in a bum – it’s tight !!!!

Fizzer – a fire cracker that did not explode or a failure; fiasco (that was a bit of a fizzer mate !)

Fizzle out – to fade out; to come to a disappointing end

Flake – shark’s flesh (sold in fish & chips shops in batter)

Flake out – to collapse from exhaustion or drunkenness

Flannel cloth – wash cloth for the face usually

Flash as a rat with a golden tooth – when someone is over dressed

Flat (noun) – a smallish apartment

Art Deco flats from the 50’s/60’s

Flat mate – room mate

Flat as a tack – used to describe a flat beer or a flat tyre

Flat to the boards – extremely busy; working non stop

Flat out like a lizard drinking – flat out, working non-stop, extremely busy

Flemington confetti – bulldust; rubbish

Flick – giving something or somebody the flick is to get rid of it or him/her

Flick it on – selling something, normally for a quick profit, just after you bought it

Flip your lid – get angry

Floater – a hot meat and pea pie / a meat pie in a bowl  of either peas or gravy

Flounder spearer – themusical conductor of an orchestra

Flog – to steal something

Flog the cat – indulge in self pity

Flophouse – cheap boarding house

Flu bog – jam

Flutter – a small bet (gamble)

Fly wire – gauze, a flyscreen covering a window or door.

Fortnight – fourteen days, a period of two weeks

Footy – Australian Rules Football

Fossick – search, rummage about or to prospect for gold, silver, gems

Fossicker – prospector

Franger – male condom

Freckle – one’s anus

Frex – abreviated term for xxxx beer (known as 4 x beer…a brew from Queensland)

Fremantle Doctor – cooling afternoon breeze that arrives from Perth named after the town of Freemantle

Freo – short for Fremantle. Western Australia

Fringe – bangs, fringe of hair above the eyes usually found on a female

Frock – woman’s dress or skirt

Frog in a sock, as cross as a – when someone sounds very angry

Front someone – confront someone face to face

Fruit loop – a complete fool or a crazy person

Full – totally drunk

Full as a boot – falling down on your face type of drunk

Full as a goog – usually means full after eating, but sometimes used like ‘full as a boot’

Fullstop – period at the end of a sentence

Funnelweb : the funnel web is possibly the most dangerous spider in the world. It is found mostly in the Sydney area. The funnelweb spider inflicts a painful and often lethal bite. The venom from a funnelweb attacks the nervous system which results in uncontrollable convulsions

Funny as a fart in an elevator used to describe something that is NOT funny

Furphy – false/unsubstantiated rumour

Further back than a snake’s arse – a long way behind


Icehouse – or as I knew them – ‘Flowers‘ in Sydney…a great Aussie band.


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The E of Aussie Slang

Earbasher – someone who talks excessively; a bore

Earbashing – nagging, non-stop chatter

Earwig – eavesdropper; to eavesdrop

The better known type of earwig

Easterner – Western Australian term for someone from the Eastern States of Australia

Easy as pushing shit uphill with a toothpick – really difficult

Easy as spearing an eel with a spoon –  see pushing shit uphill

Yuk !!

Eating irons – cutlery (military term)

Emu Bob/Emu Parade – a line of soldiers walking shoulder to shoulder bobbing up and down to pick up litter

Eating with the flies -eat alone, by yourself

Egg beater – a helicopter

Egg boiler – a bowler hat

Egg on – encourage

Ekka the Brisbane Exhibition, an annual show

Ekka Day – Public holiday in Brisbane for the Ekka

Elbow grease – hard work

El cheapo – someone who is cheap

Elephant’s/elephant’s trunk – drunk (rhyming slang)

Elevenses – mid-morning tea or coffee break

Emma Chisit? – how much is that?

Emu – a relative of the Ostrich, a flightless bird now raised commercially in Australia. The meat is red, and its eggs are 10 times the size of a hen’s eggs.

Emu’s breakfast –  expression that means to ‘have a drink and a good look around’

Enzed how Australians refer to New Zealand

Esky – a portable cooler

The type of esky I grew up with…
Seriously ?? A tad too much perhaps…

Even stevens – equal chance or amount

Every bastard and his dog – absolutely everyone

Evo – evening

Eye’s on, hands off – look, but don’t touch.

Extra grouse – really good; excellent


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The C of Aussie Slang

Cactus – Ruined, finished

Can – Toilet

Cane Toad – A toad that lives in Queensland, a person who hails from Queensland

Cane Toad

Can’t take a trick – Someome who is always a loser

Cakehole – Mouth

Cask – Cheap wine in a box with a plastic bladder inside

Cark it – To die

Cat burying shit, as busy as a – Busy

Cat’s piss, as mean as  – Mean, stingy, uncharitable

Captain Cook – To have a look

Cheerio – Goodbye

Chewie – Chewing gum

Chin Wag – Conversation, chat

Chips – French Fries

Chippie – Carpenter

Choke a darkie – To have a poo, defecate

Chokkie – Chocolate

Choof off – To leave, to go (choof off mate – another way of telling someone to bugger off)

Chook – Chicken, hen, fowl

Chrissie – Christmas

Chuck – Throw, discard, or vomit

Chuck a browneye – To pull down your pants, pull your butt cheeks apart and show off your anus

Chuck a sickie – Take the day off sick from work when you’re perfectly healthy

Chuck a spass – Gettin pretty mad and making sure everyone around knows just how mad you are by expressing it in a loud vocal manner

Chuck a U-ie – Make a U-turn

Chunder – Vomit, spew, puke

Circle work – Donuts or marble rings performed in your car, especially your ute

Clacker – Anus (from Latin cloaca = sewer). Also the single orifice of monotremes (platypus and echidna) used both for reproduction and for the elimination of body wastes.


Clayton’s – Fake, poor substitute

Cleanskin – Bottle of wine without a label. Usually bought in bulk by companies who then add their own personalised label and use the wine as e.g. gifts to clients

Cleanskin – Cattle that have not been branded, earmarked or castrated.

Click – Kilometre – “it’s 10 clicks away”

Clucky – Feeling broody or maternal

Coathanger – Sydney Harbour Bridge

Cobber – Mate, friend, offsider, buddy

Cockie – 1) Cockroach 2) Cockatoo 3) Farmer (cow cocky, wheat cocky)

Sulpur Crested Cockatoo
Palm Cockatoo
Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Cockroach – Some who hails from New South Wales

Coldie – A beer

Come a gutser – Make a bad mistake, have an accident

Compo – Worker’s Compensation, accident insurance

Coo-ee – A call to locate someone in the bush – cccccccccccccooooooooeeeeeeeeeeee

Cook (noun) – One’s wife

Cop it sweet – To accept admonishment without complaint

Corker – Something excellent. A good stroke in cricket might be described as a ‘corker of a shot’

Corroboree – An aboriginal dance festival

Counter lunch/Countery – pub lunch

Couch – Sofa, lounge chair

Couch potato  – Someone who watches a lot of Television while sitting on a couch

Cow Cockie – A person who comes from the outback/bush

Cozzie – Swimming costume

Bondi Beach babes in cozzies

Crack a fat – To get an erection

The guy on the left has ‘cracked a fat’ – maybe in reaction to the Bondi babes in their cozzies

Crack onto (someone) – To hit on someone, pursue someone romantically

Cranky – In a bad mood, angry

Crash – Go to sleep/bed

Crash hot – Awesome, fantastic

Cream (verb) – Defeat by a large margin

Crikey – An exclamation of surprise – Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) made the expression famous before he carked it…

Crim – Criminal

Croc – Crocodile

Australian Saltwater Crocodile

Crock – Nonsense, load of rubbish

Crook – 1) sick 2) thief, crim

Crow eater – A person who hails from South Australia

Cry Ruth – Vomit. puke, spew

Cuppa – Cup of tea

Cushie – Easy, no problem

Cut Snake – (mad as a cut snake)- Pissed off, upset


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