Cinquain – Bird


Red, Blue

Flying, Squawking, Landing

A flash of light


20 thoughts on “Cinquain – Bird”

  1. I also like this poetry form and you did it so well. I live with parrots all around so especially enjoyed your poem. I normally write free form poetry, but have enjoyed learning about other forms. These shorter forms force me to put everything succiently, which is a great exercise for life in general. But this is balanced by the Brazilian way of life, which is a moment by moment life style that I have come to appreciate after leaving corporate America. Your blog is multidimentional for sure. I look forward to learning more about you. Hugs, pat


    1. I used to only write in free form – but I found that disciplining myself to follow a formula helped my writing. I enjoy the challenge of trying to master the rules – and then often break them. LOL


  2. Hello Jo

    I have tried one short form, the Tanka, and I found it a very interesting exercise. I haven’t tried any other form. Perhaps, I should give the Cinquain a try, soon. You have a very interesting site. I am cruising through it now. Thank you for dropping by My Ghost Anchor.



  3. Dear Jo: Thoroughly enjoyed the cinquain! The colours stand out so brightly I can touch the birds! Had a budgie once, and a raven, plus an artic finch; not all at the same time! Love birds!


  4. I like to go to classic forms here and now. It does force discipline and it does help oil the gears so to speak. This poem and your chinquapin on water capture the movement of the subjects, make them alive.



  5. I don’t know about parrots – pretty as they are – they fly over and drop a bloody scqwark just at the moment all is quiet and peace reigns within – they chatter like women in a bus queue and squabble over their food.
    They have beautiful chicks, tight little bundles of bird.

    I don’t know about parrots JB, they make a mess around the pool – and my wife wants jewellery that bright.


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