Cinquain – Water

Cobalt, Cold
Rising, Falling, Rolling
Summer is almost here

22 thoughts on “Cinquain – Water”

  1. Thanks for passing by and commenting my blog.
    We have some similar interests, I discovered.
    I also handle life by writing poetry, among other things…
    Mostly in “Dutch” although I also published two English (at least I hope) poems on my blog ;-)
    Unfortunately I never had them corrected by Englishspeaking Poets … so there may be some spelling-failures and stuff in it.
    If you’re interested to read them… feel free : these are the links.

    Kind regards from

    – Dauw –

    By the way :
    I liked the pictures of the two gorillas in Africa and the sunset in Tahiti.
    I ‘ld also love to read more of your poetry… as I could only find this one on your blog.
    Ow, and till now I was convinced Bert and Ernie weren’ t aware of their sexuality… again one of my innocent childhooddreams vannished ><


    1. So glad you enjoyed what you found here. If you look at the categories under my twitter button and go to My Poetry (actually just click on My Poetry I have linked it to the page) it will take you to the page that list all my poetry. There are quite a few on here.
      Sorry to have destroyed a childhood dream…hehehe ;)


      1. Hi Jo…

        You’ re too generous a person. I’m very greatfull for your additions on my two English poems, which I surely will lay to heart.
        Thanks a lot … and please forget about that childhooddream, I still have lot’s of nicer ones than that ;-)

        Thanks also for the link to your poetrypage, I’ll put it in the sidebar of my homepage ( That makes it indeed easier for me to drop by every now and then…

        Have an nice weekend and CU

        – Dauw –


        1. I am pleased to hear you have more dreams (childhood)…we should always have lots of the. :)
          Thank you for popping me in your sidebar…love to hear what you think of some of the poetry there.


There are two things I know for certain. One: Bert and Ernie are gay. Two: I want to hear your opinion.

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