New Zealand

For more on New Zealand just click and check out a few of my posts. There is photography as well as a few insights in to the Kiwi mind and traditions.

30 thoughts on “New Zealand”

  1. Hello Jo Bryant,
    How are you? Well, I hope. Thank you for visiting my blog I really enjoy yours. I have been to New Zealand. It was in 1984, I was on a rugby tour/trip. I had so much fun. The people are so very kind. We stayed with fellow rugby players in New Zealand and Australia. We were called the Surfers from San Diego, a woman’s team. I had a great experience with the Maori people. Because I looked Maori they treated me like family. My team mates teased me and called me Maori queen. I think it was karmic. I miss it there. If I had the chance I would return to New Zealand. I’ve been to several different countries but New Zealand stole my heart. Thank for the photos and bring up the good memories I have. Take care.


    1. I am so glad you made it here and enjoyed your visit…to my blog and to New Zealand. Yes she is a special country, and I do hope that at some point you make it backe here again to enjoy more of the place I call home.


      1. No definite itinerary yet. Last time we flew into Christchurch, hired a car and toured both islands before finally flying out of Auckland. Would love to spend more time at the Abel Tasmin area on the north coast of the South Island as well as around the Bay of Plenty and the Coramandel peninsula. We will most probably be looking out to see if we can find somewhere to housesit – so will have to see what comes up.


  2. Those seagulls get everywhere don’t they Jo :)
    I like your photograph’s my great friend, I hope
    that your weekend is going very smoothly :) ;)

    Androgoth XXx


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