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I am reading a book.

For Christmas the daughter sent me three books to read.  The first one I am reading is THE INCREDIBLE LIGHTNESS Of BEING. I have wanted to read this book for so long. When I finish I will tell you what I think, as that is NOT what this post is about. This post is about… Continue reading I am reading a book.

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It was way overdue.

It is way overdue, like the tomorrow that never seems to come quick enough, but perhaps that is the way of it. It needed to gather its pieces together like a snowball rolling down a mountain. With each turn, the pieces are packed tighter together so that at the end of its journey, little withstands… Continue reading It was way overdue.



We have a bit of a storm due here later in New Zealand's North Island. It looks like it will brush on down the coast, so hopefully it won't cause to much havoc. It should just be a case of a whole lot of rain and some winds here in Katikati if Cyclone Pam keeps… Continue reading Adventures


Wordless Wednesday

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Quizzes Go Viral

I have a further and you'll know who you are ! Not often does a day go by lately without she posts something that says: "I got..." Today it was "I got You Belong in the 80's." She wanted to know which decade she belonged in. Which naturally we ALL do !!! To do… Continue reading Quizzes Go Viral


Kids write the darndest things.

I just had to share some of these because by golly they made me laugh. These kids are pretty smart as well as funny. 1. Source: 2. Source: 3. Source: 4. Source: 5. Source: 6. Source: 7. Source: 8. Source: 9. Source: 10. Source: 11.… Continue reading Kids write the darndest things.


Oh Christmas Tree.

I was chuffed to have seen Jake's Sunday Post on Christmas Trees. How nice to have him back. Here in New Zealand our Christmas tree is the pohutukawa. You can visit the NZ History site to learn more about this beautiful tree if you wish. One legend about the pohutukawa is about a tree that… Continue reading Oh Christmas Tree.


The Power of Collective Creativity

Corina says that: “The point is that Art has POWER.” I watched the video contained in this post and felt a lump…a lump that came from hope. I hope you will watch it and feel the same emotion.

~ Dragon's Dreams ~

As creative individuals, it’s rewarding when we can use our skills to make something that “speaks” to others. Whether it’s the written word, the visual arts, music or performance arts, “The Arts” have always been a way to make powerful statements about politics, religion, war, the environment. It’s a way to make your own opinion known about these and other things that usually embody a very personal, individual set of beliefs or values. It has been said that any “successful” piece of art is one that evokes an emotional response (be it good or bad).

Throughout history, there are scads of examples of “The Arts” changing the world in some way. I’m not just talking about changing the “Art World”, though there are plenty of examples of that, too. But consider things like cave paintings. Once discovered, they completely changed the way that modern mankind viewed our cave-dwelling ancestors! Or…

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Wordless Wednesday


Rebuttal: Minister’s Science Advisory Committee (NZ)

One of our councils recently had the sense to take fluoride out of the water supply. Two others are considering it. Dentists went berserk begging the government to step in. It frightens me how ill informed our government is. And how ready they are to suck up to not only corporations but organizations that use scare tactics (you should have seen the pictures they used of rotten children’s teeth blasting the news), to stop the public from making informed and sensible choices. This is a great rebuttal of the government’s views regarding fluoride.

What is in the water? – June 12, 2013
The Office of the Prime Minister’s Science Advisory Committee
New Zealand

Claim: “The science of fluoride in water is effectively settled. It has been one of the most thoroughly worked questions in public health science over some decades.”

Response: On the contrary. When the University of York examined the evidence on fluoridation, the authors were surprised at its poor quality. According to the research team, “Given the level of interest surrounding the issue of public water fluoridation, it is surprising to find that little high quality research has been undertaken.” Three years later, the authors reiterated, “We were unable to discover any reliable good-quality evidence in the fluoridation literature world-wide… As emphasised in the report, only high-quality studies can fill in the gaps in knowledge about these and other aspects of fluoridation.”

Claim: “There is no doubt that the presence of…

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