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Prawns are such a yummy ingredient…

So tonight I am making Basil, Lemon & Prawn Pasta. Oh yes I am... Now we all know that recipes are have some patience with me please. This one is just for one person. Ingredients. A handful of pasta. I quite like the spinach fettuccine, but folks anything you fancy goes. Prawns. De-veined. I… Continue reading Prawns are such a yummy ingredient…

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Pets, Friends, Fresh Fruit & Preserving

Although we are heading in to winter here in New Zealand there is still loads of fruit around. Kiwifruit season has started. At the moment I have a couple staying with me from China who are on a year long trip around New Zealand. Sophie & Bob are very sweet and I am really enjoying… Continue reading Pets, Friends, Fresh Fruit & Preserving

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Moist Orange Poached Egg Cakes

This is my version of a recipe that was adapted from another version by a chef at the Auckland Heritage Hotel. It tasted amazing. I did not have a straight up muffin tin so they were not as high I think. Next time I might investigate using baking paper in the tins and making them… Continue reading Moist Orange Poached Egg Cakes

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Travel Theme: Tempting

There is nothing that tempts me out of my comfortable bed more than knowing someone is cooking me breakfast. When The Daughter was home for a visit she made me her staple brekkie for Sunday brunch. Mine consisted of fried eggs on toast, chilli beans, avocado and fried tomato !! To hers was added some… Continue reading Travel Theme: Tempting

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Italian Black Rice Nasi Goreng with Cashew Sauce.

My friend Michell is a bundle of all sorts of great things. She was actually the person who got me online and blogging. She goes with me to protest marches, beach hops, dries my tears when I am sad and giggles with me when I am being a bit of a nong. She is also… Continue reading Italian Black Rice Nasi Goreng with Cashew Sauce.


Penne pasta with mushrooms and vegan alfredo sauce. 3 has almost passed and it is going okay. The smoothies are a delight. Today I purchased a couple of mangoes for tomorrow morning's one.For dinner I am attempting something new. Oh boy !!! Now this is my own recipe. I looked up a few sites trying to find something interesting to make and… Continue reading Penne pasta with mushrooms and vegan alfredo sauce.

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30 days to a perkier me.

Well that is what I am hoping for. I [with two other friends] have started doing a 30 day detox. What I like about this detox is that it involves food. I do have to give up a few things for the 30 days...such as dairy and eggs gluten and wheat processed sugar soy coffee,… Continue reading 30 days to a perkier me.

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Sunday Post: Delicious

I love soup. I mean really love soup. So I have decided to share with you a recipe for one of my favourites. I was introduced to a similar recipe for this by a friend, and have been adapting and experimenting until I got it exactly the way I like it. Try it and I… Continue reading Sunday Post: Delicious

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Sunday Post: Recipe

Some years back when doing the round of local garage sales I came across a book. Isn't that the most beautiful book ?? It has everything. Menus planning company dinners to lunch box menus. How to lay your table including where everything goes on the carving cloth. Until I got this book I had never… Continue reading Sunday Post: Recipe


Fresh Homemade Curry Sauce

Ingredients 2 tablespoons of canola oil (if you use another oil it should have a high smoking point like canola, this way you don’t change the taste of your other ingredients) 2 red or green chillies (diced – whether you seed them is up to you – the seeds contain a lot of heat –… Continue reading Fresh Homemade Curry Sauce