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Abelard’s Pissior

Abelard struggled through the tavern. Each step was difficult as he felt his bowels rumble in warning. He sucked his butt cheeks firmly together and prayed he would make it through the mass of tightly packed bodies. The heat from the crowd gave the tavern a sickly moist aroma. Discretely passing small flourishes of wind… Continue reading Abelard’s Pissior

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Buckshot Bryant thinks it is time to remind y’all…she is still here !!!

BUCKSHOT BRYANT Joanne “Buckshot” Bryant was a notorious bank and train robber and is possibly best-remembered as the Queen of the Rustlers in the American West of the 1800′s. It could truly be said that this queen came from a family of outlaw aristocracy. Her parents ran the infamous Bryant Gang in Australia and may… Continue reading Buckshot Bryant thinks it is time to remind y’all…she is still here !!!

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Small Stone #10 January 2013

"Ohhhh look another one, she's stopping." "Do they think we can't see them staring?" "What's that thing in front of her face?" "Some sort of...what do they call it..?" "I know, I know a kaleidoscope...look we're upside down in the sticky outey bit." "What would you know? There's only one of us in there...that's not… Continue reading Small Stone #10 January 2013

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Buckshot rides again…with the Winchester boys !!!!!!

Now Friday the 3rd of August is officially Frontierado Day. What's that you ask ???  Ed explains it here. There are recipes and Frontierado Poker and Silverado. Due to some glitches with the computer I have been lax this year in promoting what has to be one of the best thought out holidays there ever… Continue reading Buckshot rides again…with the Winchester boys !!!!!!

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ANZAC – what it really means to an aussie/kiwi…

As an Aussie/Kiwi ANZAC means much more than just the letters or the words they represent. Australian New Zealand Army Corps. To me those words represent a special breed. On the 25th of April each year we commemorate one of the saddest days in Australia's and New Zealand's combined history. The landing at the Gallipoli… Continue reading ANZAC – what it really means to an aussie/kiwi…


Create A World Writing Contest.

Sorry guys...I'm back chasing People's Choice votes again. This time I entered a story over at The Dark Globe. It is an edited version of an earlier story I posted in my fiction pages. Less wordy and I hope better than the original: The Dragonflies Loop. I am interested to hear your opinion !!! You… Continue reading Create A World Writing Contest.

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A Taste of Honey – Part III

“Her name was Honey Murray. You were named after her.” Daddy hands me the photo. “She was different. As she grew up, she felt it more and more. While other girls fantasized about Elvis, or the boy down the road, she found herself having thoughts, about...other girls. Puberty was a horrible time. She hated watching… Continue reading A Taste of Honey – Part III

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Scorpio Rising

I am again taking part in this week's part of the Giant Holiday Book Bash.  Due to more technical problems with the laptop I am a bit behind in my reviews - but so far Scorpio Rising is holding my interest. I shall be back with more on it later... And now for an excerpt… Continue reading Scorpio Rising



Today is the 11th day of the 11th month. At 11 am I will do what I always do on this day. Close my eyes and remember them. The ones that went away, and the ones that waited for them. This story is for them. *** There used to be a field that blew red… Continue reading Remembrance.



This post is being compiled as we go - from contributors all over the place. *********** So – if you are interested in writing a piece of this tale – let us know in the comments below – we will pass the baton around between interested writers, co-ordinate and assemble this wonder that is being churned out.… Continue reading Pinghank…