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There’s something about St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve been told there a wee bit of Irish in my ancestry. As St. Patrick’s Day nears I have a suspicion that a great many people suddenly develop ancestral ties to the land of the Blarney Stone. It’s on my bucket list – to visit the Emerald Isle and plant a big wet one on… Continue reading There’s something about St. Patrick’s Day

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The Secret Life of the Cat

So we have had dogs and their secret lives. A few of you mentioned wanting to see what cats are you go. For one week 50 cats were armed with cameras and GPS systems to show what they actually get up to when they go out their cat doors. It was one heck of… Continue reading The Secret Life of the Cat

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I’m at a loss over the ruckus !!!!

There is a lot of who haa it seems over Carefree's new ads in Australia. I personally think the ads are great. It is time to stop this being some dirty little secret women have and remember half the world has periods. And a good deal of those people use tampons. Unless we stop making… Continue reading I’m at a loss over the ruckus !!!!

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Writers’ Envy Gone Mad

I follow Anne Rice on facebook because she touches on some very interesting topics, and the discussions that follow are often lively and informative from her followers. On the 21st of February a writer named Lynn Shepherd started a furore amongst Anne's followers so I went off to investigate. Lynn Shepard is mystery author with… Continue reading Writers’ Envy Gone Mad

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Quizzes Go Viral

I have a further and you'll know who you are ! Not often does a day go by lately without she posts something that says: "I got..." Today it was "I got You Belong in the 80's." She wanted to know which decade she belonged in. Which naturally we ALL do !!! To do… Continue reading Quizzes Go Viral

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Small Stone #30 January 2013…and a Chevvy update.

a wet nose a paw on my chest a sloppy lick love expressed more eloquently than I ever could Update: Chevvy's lump is a lipoma. It is not going to be a problem hopefully. It's a start at least. Speaking of dogs...this video made me weep for Sonya. First from sadness, then from joy. I… Continue reading Small Stone #30 January 2013…and a Chevvy update.

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The Batman – Christian Bale Style

As superheroes go - THE BATMAN - is in a class that only has room for one !!! There have been a few Batmen over the years. However, as far as I am concerned, only two have ever come close to personifying what The Batman is. Michael Keaton from the 1989 Batman and the 1992… Continue reading The Batman – Christian Bale Style