Web Marketing – researching and writing about something you believe in.

I recently was given the opportunity to write for a New Zealand company that markets an antioxidant supplement. It’s a new company, and I know two of the owners. Their son grew up with mine. They are good people, and they believe in this product.

I was thrilled to be given the chance to try writing in a completely different area.

It was very important to me that I knew what I was saying wasn’t a complete load of crock. The first articles I wrote, although only around 500 words took hours. Not to write, to research.

I became obsessed with finding facts. Truthful, scientifically based facts !!!!

My folder overflowed with PDFs and articles from medical journals, as well as links to every website I could find who had any information.

I looked at so many different marketing sites my head ached. I was trying to learn about copywriting, how it worked.

It was frustrating because there is so much information out there from many differing sources.

I feel sorry for companies like this one who are trying to get a product on the market that has real value.


Because they have to overcome the prejudice caused by other companies who do use questionable methods to publicise and market their goods.


You can tell the truth.

I proved that.

You can believe in your product.

You can find scientific data to back up the truth in what you say.

It is a fact, that to date there is not the same amount of data around for antioxidants and their benefits as DRUGS. It’s a new area, relatively speaking. Research has only started happening in the last couple of decades.

I like natural health products. But I am not an idiot. Because I do believe that some of them have a great deal to offer doesn’t mean that I spurn all medical advice regarding pharmaceutical medications.

It annoys me though, when doctors just write off anything to do with natural remedies as hocus pocus.  

“There’s no proof,” they scream. Maybe not, but like I said, it’s a new area of research. And this type of research can take years.

If you can be sure it won’t hurt you – what is the problem in trying it?

At home I use lots of alternative methods for ailments.

When my sinuses play up I rinse my nose out with salt and baking soda in water. Would you believe the baking soda coats my sinuses like Teflon and nothing sticks around up in there.  

Sorry, I know it sounds gross – but it WORKS.

For sunburn I use tomatoes sliced up and rubbed all over to get rid of the stinging, then aloe vera (both from my garden) to sooth.    

It’s cheaper and they work. One of my daughter’s friends lived with us for a year. He was horrified the first time I pulled the tomato trick – tried to hide, but one quick swipe over the area and he kept quiet after that.

I also tried the product. Have been for three months now, and I am a convert.

I am also pretty sceptical – so I while I listened in the beginning to my friend talk about how good this stuff was, I was not ready to believe everything.

Hence the folder full of research. From memory loss to inflammatory diseases. Like I said, I wanted to know the truth.

The truth is – there needs to be more research in many areas. But you can’t write something off just because it is early days. And in a lot of areas there are figures that look promising.

So in the articles I write for them, I don’t claim it’s going to make you live to 150.    I read, and read, and then read some more. I try to present the facts, and if I’m not sure I say that’s the case. I reference every paper to back up what I believe, so that the reader can look for themselves and decide.

Maybe that’s why I get so angry when I read articles that claim their product is better than oxygen with nothing legitimate to BACK UP what they say. I think it puts more people off than it convinces.

You know, even oxygen has its down sides. If you don’t believe me look up ‘oxidative stress’ and what it does to your body !!

I might just sit here and hold my breath for a while.

There are two things I know for certain. One: Bert and Ernie are gay. Two: I want to hear your opinion.

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