The Mo Has To Go !

The Mo Has To Go!

John Ormsby has only shaved his moustache off once since 1970 when he attempted to fool his daughter at the airport. Now he is about to do it again, this time for art and charity.

John is appearing as Barry in Katikati Theatre Inc.’s production of Barry…A Day In The Life Of. So the mo has to go. John is being sponsored to shave it off with all proceeds raised going to the local ‘Ate AM Club’ which provides breakfast for Katikati Primary students unable to eat before they arrive at school. Members of the local drama group are sponsoring John when he takes a razor to his face.

A better prospect perhaps than the original idea of allowing the living Barry to part John from his mo with an antique cutthroat razor. Recently all three Barrys were together for the first time as they posed together for photos.

John will be on stage for the entire performance. Catch him as Barry from the 13th of October to the 16th, at 7.30 pm or at the Saturday matinee at 2 pm in the Village Complex, Main Road, Katikati.

Tickets are $10.00 and available at the Katikati Information Centre in the Library building at the centre of town.

Images provided by Alistair Boot of Alspix Studios.

2 thoughts on “The Mo Has To Go !”

  1. Is this live MO-vember? This is the newest thing here. Men grow beards and mustaches (maybe just mustaches?) in November. I think this is a great idea…separates the men from the boys and gives a needed boost for charities. :^#0(SMILEY WITH MO)


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