The Little Theatre Shop











The Little Theatre Shop

Barry…A Day In The life Of, Katikati Theatre Inc.’s first creation will be held in the Village Complex, 74 Main Street, from October 13th to the 16th, with four evening performances starting at 7.30pm, and one Saturday matinee at 2pm. With lots of hard work, laughter and fanfare the shop will be converted to an intimate theatre experience in the coming weeks. Seating for approximately 70 will be available for each performance.

A uniquely personal look at a town icon, it will introduce the audience to a range of quirky characters, as only a rural town can supply. Follow Barry through a day stoically surviving the rigours of being a public figure, as people stop by for a photo, to have a chat, or to catch up with others. Let Maud tell you about her Bertie, find out exactly where Barry’s lucky spot is, join in the search for love. Like any day, there will be laughter and there will be sorrow.

Written and conceived by members of the theatre group, the stories all have that local essence which makes Kiwis unique and worth showcasing. Katikati Theatre Inc. is a collection of people with a passion for the theatre, providing a creative and supportive environment to participate – whatever their skills.

Tickets are $10.00 and will be available at the Katikati Information Centre from Tuesday the 21st of September.

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2 thoughts on “The Little Theatre Shop”

  1. Oh what fun! I’ve always wanted to live in NZ ever since a school chum gave me a NZ charm bracelet with a kiwi bird! I love kiwi birds and platapus! So people friendly and LOTR’s filmed there. Hope to watch The Hobbit soon! :) who’s the gent? very sexy!


    1. What fun indeed !! The gent? He’s our Barry. Made by a sculptor and moulded by a fellow (very clever fellow) who the actual sculpture is based on, called Barry Menzies. A lovely man who is in the photo from “The Mo Has To Go” – the gent with the razor in his hand is the real Barry. Okay now we do possess rights to the Kiwi – the Platypus however comes from across the ditch – a place they call Australia.1


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