20 more things #2

  1. I am addicted to fantasy/paranormal books, TV shows and movies. Being able to wander around different worlds in my mind excites and soothes me at the same time.
  2. At the moment my favourite TV show is Supernatural. I prefer it if people don’t bother me when it is on. Just sit there and be quiet please. I would love to be able to see inside the minds of the writers of that show.
  3. I met my son’s girlfriend for the first time recently. When I told him I liked her before I met her, the son looked at me as if I was crazy. After I explained that the reason for this was that she had the good sense to care about him – how could I not like her – he laughed.
  4. I become a bigger Leonardo di Caprio fan, with every movie of his that I see. I HATED ‘The Beach’ however.
  5. I am into making soups at the moment. As many different types as I can.
  6. I love HOT food, anything with chillies is a good thing if you ask me.
  7. Facebook has become one of my favourite things.
  8. Since I joined facebook I have caught up with people that I haven’t talked to in years – it is great !!
  9. Art  – how I wish I could draw or paint. But anything I try looks like a 2 year old drew it.
  10. Since I started writing again I have been able to deal with some issues that I carried around for years. Once I put it out there it loses its power over me.
  11. The older I get the less I like extremes in weather.
  12. When I heard that a shop had removed Golliwogs for fear of offending Oprah in Australia, I thought that was way over the top.
  13. Political correctness drives me insane, because we take it too far in New Zealand. What happened to having a sense of humour about our differences and weaknesses?
  14. I admire Ellen Degeneres.
  15. My favourite singer at the moment is Adam Lambert. When he sings my spine really does tingle.
  16. I love to sing along in the car, or at home – but the memory of the kids putting their hands over their ears makes me self-conscious.
  17. If I could – I would put ALL bullies on a boat that never docks anywhere.
  18. I want to learn how to fly a plane.
  19. I am not a very good swimmer, because not having something under my feet freaks me out.
  20. I used to be self-conscious about the way I dance – now I dance as if there is no-one watching.

13 thoughts on “20 more things #2”

  1. I LOVE this and I LOVE you!! Thank you for sharing YOU!!!! I think my favorites are 2, 10 and 17! Did I tell you I love you? I do, miss Magical!:)


  2. #5 Yes please, anytime, anywhere. :-)
    #6 Please combine with #5.
    #11 Exactly
    #13 Thank you for saying that, couldn’t agree more.
    #16 Don’t worry about it, they’re kids, they’ll grow out of it. Besides, that’s what therapy is for, give them something to look forward to. :-)
    #17 Be glad to put a shot across their bow for you.
    #18 Helicopter would do it for me.
    #20 Take this thought, and apply it to #16.


    1. Good advice me ol’ pirate mate !!!!!!!

      Made cauliflower soup, and broccoli soup this week; making pumpkin and chilli soup tonight. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

      Will think of you as I sup away…


  3. I agree with others about #16. I wrote a whole post on why people should not stop other people singing, regardless of how good/bad it may be. People sing when they are happy! Why ruin their happy mood?


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