There are four in the bed…

I like to keep up with the headlines. Even the ridiculous ones. An American paper had what I consider a ridiculous one titled: Letting pets sleep next to you can make you ill, experts say.

Now I am not an authority on such things, so I went researching again.

One of the potentially risky effects of this is that you might catch bubonic plaque according to this article.

The plague – really – from sleeping next to your pet ??????

It’s more likely that you’ll get hit by a truck in your backyard.

I sleep with the dog, and two cats. The only problem I have had with doing this is actually having enough room to move around the bed. Which, considering I have a king size bed tells you who has the majority vote in my house.

Move? Why?

Growing up both my children slept with animals and I am glad they did. The bond they formed with those animals was deep and both of them possess a caring attitude, and empathy for animals.

Now go away !!

Neither caught the plague.

Though they did get measles, chicken pox, the flu, colds, and one had whooping cough. All caught from other people.

Maybe they should put out a warning about letting people sleep in your bed.

Charlie at rest as a wee baby.

Yes – according to the research I did, you can get ringworm, cat scratch fever, real worms, bacterial infections, and rabies.

But you can get ringworm from people.

A cat is more likely to scratch you when it’s awake and angry about something than curled up snug in the bed.

Real worms such as tapeworms you can get from fleas, and I have been in a few houses that had fleas but no dogs or cats.

Recently my vet told me that fleas have likes and dislikes. If they like cats and dogs, they’re unlikely to relish the taste of you apparently.

Bacterial infections – well I got Campylobacter from a chicken sandwich.

Rabies – doesn’t seem to me that the dog is likely to go mad and bite you in bed.

For now at least I shall continue to bunk down with my furry friends – when they move over that is.


  1. Awww 😊 they’re all so cute. Charlie is a lighter version of my King Pelu. My cat refused to be an indoor cat as my others have all been. I live in an area with lots of woods and wildlife. We had two cats killed by an owl. So for safety reasons, we’ve always kept them indoors with pet doors to our screened patio. King Pelu wasn’t having it. Whenever we opened a door he’d run out. I worried about the wildlife and fleas. Miraculously, he’s managed to go out and I guess protect himself but more importantly he doesn’t get fleas. My vet said some fleas do not like certain animals. Happily, he can sleep with me and hubby. I hope he continues to be safe.
    Sorry about the long comment but these surveys seem ridiculous when you hear success stories.
    Glad to see you 😊 have a good weekend
    Izzy 😎


    1. I worry in particular with Charlie going out. He gets into scraps. He wants to be friendly but the other cats get their backs up, and he has ‘small cat syndrome’, so jumps up with the whole…come on then…attitude. Both are outside cats. Luckily we don’t have predators like you do, but I still worry about cars, cat fights, idiots with guns etc. I hope King Pelu remains safe and happy with you Izzy. He sounds like a very beloved family member.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think as we get older our pets become our companions and sources of relaxation. I do miss the fact that he’s not as cuddly as my other cats were but each one has a personality we need to accept. I have had talks with him and said I’ll get a cuddly cat if he doesn’t start cudlling. I love the face he makes – like: Yeah, right??!! You gotta love ‘um. Have a super week … Izzy 😎


  2. Bubonic plague!!! Well I guess if you have a pet rat (or flea). The only reason our cats didn’t sleep with us is that I already fight T for bed so e and duvet. With the cats as well, I may as well have made a nest on the floor. Except at least one cat would have taken that over too 😀


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