Back to School

I surprise myself at times. This time is one of them.

I have gone back to university to do a diploma in photography. At present I am doing two papers. The first week was absolute chaos as I tried to come to grip with how the system worked. Doing it as a distance learning student means having to do it alone a lot of the time.

Luckily the tutors are very supportive. Through a discussion board I am also slowly getting to know other students from all around New Zealand. Students who are all just as interested in photography as me. BONUS!!!

But, yes you knew a but was coming. Doing this wasn’t enough. I also enrolled in a 12 week polytech course for photography locally. While it has its moments. I love meeting other photographers. It is so unstructured and all over the place I find myself really struggling to learn anything at all.

Perhaps I should just forget about learning with this one and just enjoy being out there taking photos and meeting people.

Here is an image I took one night after class. A friend and I stumbled on someone getting a cultural tattoo done. There is a first time for everything. For me it was a big first. Taking photos of someone’s rear end was not how I planned to spend that evening.




  1. Wonderful that you are taking this Diploma Jo… Good for you.. and I wish you well in all you do.. It is good to hear that the tutors are being supportive, I admire that you are going back into the classroom. I doubt my old grey matter could cope with it. But then it wasn’t very good at retaining much the first time around. 🙂
    Wonderful that you dropped by again Jo, and I see your photography skills know where to point the lens..
    Take care of you.. ❤


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