I am reading a book.

For Christmas the daughter sent me three books to read.  The first one I am reading is THE INCREDIBLE LIGHTNESS Of BEING. I have wanted to read this book for so long. When I finish I will tell you what I think, as that is NOT what this post is about.

This post is about the title.

Finding the Light

I lost my lightness of being.

Saw only the dark, the despair.

The loss of empathy and compassion.

Lost my belief in the conciousness of humankind.

Stopped writing.

I lost the words.

Stopped taking pictures.

I lost the ability to see beauty.

Stopped talking.

I lost my true voice.

Remaining mute on where these losses were taking me.

Stopped consorting unless left with no choice.

Social interaction was difficult.

The gift of grace stopped me reaching the end of the thread that binds us to life.

Today I am placing one foot in front of the other.

Walking towards the light, not away from it.

Today I am no longer in hiding.

Solitude has never been my enemy.

For a time it was my gaoler.


  1. Love the opening sentence! I’m sure you fead a lot, but that made it sound like a rare occasion. Planning a trip to NZ in the autumn, whereabouts are you?


  2. These times of darkness bring the inevitable light into brilliant relief, don’t they, Jo? I see so much of my own experience in your poem, not through any specific life event but through sheer exhaustion with human insanity. It’s good to see inspiration returning to your writing.


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