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Wordless Wednesday

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Saturday Afternoon

He was born with searching eyes, wrinkled and bruised, on a Saturday afternoon. As the clock chimes, his curled fingers reach out and they take him from what he knows. *** Wrinkled and bruised, on a Saturday afternoon he watches an endless white marshmallow sky; they take him from what he knows, their firm hands… Continue reading Saturday Afternoon

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The Graveyard

It’s early. Twenty folk of various ages and nationalities, one broken orange Bedford truck and trailer, a cattle track, and a graveyard in Tanzania are my companions. It’s hot in or out of the sun. How hot is difficult to say since our thermometer blew up, but sweat runs from under my breasts leaving lengthy… Continue reading The Graveyard

My Poetry


A suggestion, the partial ending, with reason to believe there is another chapter to follow. We did not see the little death, hidden unobtrusively. Would we mourn this day? Standing an arm’s length apart. How shall we fare, as alone we seek our way? If we had dared to be true would we still have… Continue reading Adieu

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I am reading a book.

For Christmas the daughter sent me three books to read.  The first one I am reading is THE INCREDIBLE LIGHTNESS Of BEING. I have wanted to read this book for so long. When I finish I will tell you what I think, as that is NOT what this post is about. This post is about… Continue reading I am reading a book.