What makes New Zealand Kiwi – Part 3

Pōkarekare ana
ngā wai o Waiapu,
Whiti atu koe hine
marino ana e.
E hine e
hoki mai ra.
Ka mate ahau

I te aroha e.
Tuhituhi taku reta
tuku atu taku rīngi,
Kia kite tō iwi
raru raru ana e.
Whati whati taku pene
ka pau aku pepa,
Ko taku aroha
mau tonu ana e.
E kore te aroha
e maroke i te rā,
Mākūkū tonu i
aku roimata e.
They are agitated
the waters of Waiapu,
But when you cross over girl
they will be calm.
Oh girl
return to me,
I could die
of love for you.
I have written my letter
I have sent my ring,
so that your people can see
that I am troubled.
My pen is shattered,
I have no more paper
But my love
is still steadfast.
My love will never
be dried by the sun,
It will be forever moistened
by my tears.

Mocking ourselves whenever we can.

Especially in our TV ads.

And we have no shame about dragging famous people into the fun.

Julian Dennison is one of our best exports. His role in Hunt for the Wilderpeople is one of the best ever in Kiwi film making.

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