Been taking a break…again

I find myself in awe of all the bloggers out there who continually post. I have been taking another break…not really sure why. Seems like my blogging mojo had gone and done a runner, but I am trying to get it to come back home.

Now I know this is not technically a wordless post but that is actually how it started off…so here is the picture I wanted to post before I got carried away with my thoughts.

2015-11-10 12.25.32

My very clever friend Margaret made this for me and another friend for lunch one day. I LOVE invites to Margaret’s house for food. It is always amazing…thank goodness for friends who are great cooks I say !!!!
Salmon & Crab Mousse with Fresh Dill Dressing
220 gram red salmon, drained
220 gram crab, drained
2/3 cup thickened cream
1/2 cup thousand island dressing
1/4 cup chopped pickled onions
1 teaspoon dry mustard
1 tablespoon gelatine [one tablespoon of powdered agar agar can be used in place of one tablespoon of powdered gelatine for those us who have given up eating meat and meat products because we love our animal friends way too much to eat them]
2 tablespoons water
Dill Dressing: 1/2 cup sour cream, 2 tablespoons French dressing, 1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill. Combine all ingredients thoroughly.
Blend salmon, crab, cream, dressing, mustard and onions until smooth.
Sprinkle gelatine over water, dissolve over a pan of hot water, cool and stir into salmon mixture.
Pour mixture into 6 individual serving dishes (1/2 cup capacity).
Refrigerate several hours until set.
Turn onto serving plates and serve with dressing.


    1. Dinner was actually sensational. As for writing…I know that feeling. I have lost the mojo all round it seems. Sorry you have had a rough year so far. I hope that sunshine and light make their way to you and fill you with warmth and energy.


  1. Lucky you having a friend that can cook like that, it looks delish. I’ve lost some of my blogging mojo, but I still post 4 times a week. I rarely write, just photos and I struggle to visit everyone I’d like to. I won’t give it up because I learn so much about people and places around the world. I do miss your posts so I’ll be happy if you’re back to regular posts x:-)x


    1. She is amazing. Every time she cooks it is like she shares a bit of golden starlight on a plate. Blows my mind how she does it. I have never said no to an invitation to her place that includes food. She is also an amazing poet & writer, and so much fun to talk to, even when we totally disagree. Wow…aren’t I the lucky one to have her in my life !!!!!!!!!!

      I am going to really try to make the effort to get back as I do miss it. I know I don’t always comment on your blog…but I do check out your post. It is as if I don’t have the energy to even make a comment sometimes…not sure why that is. But instead of waiting for my ‘funk’ to lift I have decided to work on getting it gone myself.

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  2. Well you know I come and go on WP. Some days I don’t have anything i want to write about, or it’s almost the same as what i wrote about the day before or the day before that…

    Don’t feel bad. I acn’t keep up with those people whi blog every day. There is too much other stuff going on in my life. I have unsubscribed from some bloggers who wore me out with their relentless daily posts!

    Enjoy the rest.

    I am coming to your side of the world in November, but I don’t think I’ll manage to get to NZ this time.


  3. Hey Jo, long time no see! I took a small break (1 year 😛 ) how are you? I hope all is good with you and your family 🙂 It’s weird how we feel we should be present at all times, post, tweet, etc – and when we dont have the energy to do that we feel quite guilty (at least I do). Well, I decided there’s nothing wrong about taking a break and charging your batteries 😉


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