Little Drummer Boy #1

Today I came across a version of my favourite Christmas song that made the hairs stand up all over my body…so I thought I would share it with you.

How amazing was that ??

I found myself searching for different versions of this wonderful song. So, although it is not yet December I am breaking what in the past has been a steadfast rule. No Christmas stuff until December 1.

Each day up to and including Christmas Eve I am going to search and find a cool version of this ever so wonderful song.

I figure I might take you along with me and share them with you. Hopefully you will be like me and never tire of this song.

Do you have a favourite Christmas song ?? I’d love to hear which one it is.

Or do you have a favourite version of Little Drummer Boy ?? Do tell !!!

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  1. This has always been one of my favourites, Jo, but this version has just taken it to a whole new level! What an amazing group of singers. I look forward to seeing the other versions you find… good luck with your search.


  2. So much talent here within this acapella group and all pulled together with the voice of the drummer’s beat.. Wonderful.. and out of all of your versions Jo.. This and the girl solo artist are my favourites.. 🙂 and yes this one also gave me goose bumps! xxx Love and warm hugs your way Jo..
    Sorry only just catching up.. I have been absent from visiting recently xxx Love Sue ❤


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