Wordless Wednesday



  1. What splendid costumes and poses … I bet they rather hoped for better weather though for this festival Jo .
    I love how you’ve caught that little girl pointing straight at the ‘frozen’ King 🙂


    1. It was…but such a bummer. We have not had rain for week here. The ground is so dry I have to water the garden every single day. And just that day, just when the festival was having the parade, down it came. I was thrilled to see a good ground still out supporting them. I didn’t notice that wee girl until you pointed it out. Thanks Poppy !!


    1. I enjoyed it. Yes I will post some more. Just trying to edit a bunch of photos at the moment for a friend. She has cancer and had a head shaving party where she asked me to take the photos. her and her hubby want to make a film of them, so I need to get them done…and done right. Jess is doing great. Just spent the weekend in London visiting a close friend. Her Dad & stepmother now live in France so that helps.

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There are two things I know for certain. One: Bert and Ernie are gay. Two: I want to hear your opinion.

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