My Happy Place

Show where you go to get your groove back is the challenge.

Mostly this is the place where I feel the air blow through me and clean out all that has crowded in.


It sets me right again with the world.

I head for the sea.

Feeling very happy…the following photo got 2nd Prize in our biennial Arts & Murals Festival which just took place in Katikati. First time I have ever gotten anywhere in this competition. And with one of my favourite shots. Thinking of framing it and keeping it.

How amazing are they ???
How amazing are they ???



  1. The beach is my ‘happy place’ to go to when I want to get my mojo back. Watching the ocean and listening to the sound of the surf rolling and out, the smell of it all…. stimulates my whole being into action again.
    Congratulations on winning 2nd prize for your photograph of the dolphins, it’s a beauty, and definitely worth keeping and framing.


  2. Walking the Camino de Santiago works for me – weeks on end of walking through Spain – it doesn’t get much better.
    Love your photo – have you chosen the frame yet?


  3. I can see how this is one of your favourite shots! There’s something very freeing and calming about dolphins. Not only should you frame it, but sell prints too!


  4. Your photos are beautiful, Jo. They send out a touch of salt, water, glittering sunlight and yes, happiness! I love your dolphins. You should definitely let them fill your daily moments with freedom. Hugs, have a happy weekend x


  5. Yep, the sea is a winner, guaranteed to blow the cobwebs away. I love this photo Jo and it deserved the prize. It definitely needs to be on your wall. choosing a frame is a difficult one, I think I would have a white frame and a white mount to match the highlights in the photo. I hope you show us what you eventually decide x:-)x


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