Love & violence.

I was…and am I huge fan of Sons of Anarchy. I  watched the first episode and was hooked right though to the end.

It was a violent TV show. There is no getting away from that. With all the love stories, all the camaraderie…there it was…violence.

It made me wonder. What made me keep watching? Yes the scripts were incredible. The characters mind blowing. The performances…at times there were no words for how good the acting was, but these were violent people living violent lives. So what was it that drew me to this series?

I think I have figured it out.

They did at times what deep, deep inside I wanted to do. We all want to be good. We all to be humane. We all want to take the high road…most of the time.

But there are times when we want to take the other road. We think don’t do it. But…oh my God how we want to. We want to inflect pain. We want to take our pain out on others. We want them to know…what they have done to us.

This violence lies in each of us. Some are just better at controlling it. Thankfully.

But there is always [I think] a moment where we would love to let loose without consequence.

So programmes like this…they let us let go with emotion, they let us revel a little in taking revenge.

It shocks me at times the violence I feel. Have always felt. Have always kept inside. Have never acted on.  But it is there…inside.

There was one character I identified with. Gemma. Gemma was a bitch. But she was I who I wanted to be at times. When a boy broke my daughter’s heart or a friend caused my son to lose confidence I wanted to commit violence. I never did. Because that is not who I am. But I wanted to take them apart…piece by tiny piece. I know there is a blackbird perched outside my window often.

Gemma came to a sad end because she did what we do not do. She lost what it was to love, really love and except the consequences, which is what we do. That said…I still understand the violence of her feelings about protecting those she loved.

Katey  Sagal says how I feel how I never could…


  1. I just love this Jo and I’ve seen a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy but I do prefer seeing zombies getting sliced. 😆 I also wonder what will happen when something like should occur. Love my movies and series and Supernatural is still tops! 😀

    Have a great day hon and thanks for the lovely share. ♥


  2. I thought for a minute you were talking about me! Not having see any of these episodes. Thank goodness it wasn’t me. I’m too sensitive to field those comments.
    I don’t know if I’ve ever felt the way you describe, really. Like with that much passion. I’ve wanted to see others hurt that hurt me (or others), yes, but the thought scared me, so I let it go. For a bit. But you know what? It would come back. So maybe I have felt that passion, in increments. Not as intense, I suppose. Not the same. But then, I’m still searching for something that makes me feel passionate. Really, REALLY passionate. I need a life! 😉
    I hope you’re well. Gemma 😉


    1. You have a life Gemma…just maybe a more well rounded one than mine. Feeling to much passion is draining at times. That is why I have stopped watching the news. It drains me, seeing so much stupidity and being unable to counter it.


  3. A very thoughtful analysis, Jo. I have felt the same way. I am basically a kind and compassionate person (as I think you are) but there are times…I feel like you. I have not forgiven the teenager who speeded up and hit my cat crossing the road while I watched at 13. Forty-three years later…oh what I would like to do to him…but could I? I think not…I think you have very acurately described the appeal of these types of shows.


    1. I know a lot of people say forgiving is about yourself, but there are some things, some people that forgiving…well it is just too hard…like your cat. I loved this show. I loved Gemma in it, and I hated her too. But a part of me understood her. Not the extremes she would go to, because I never have, but the wanting to.


  4. i haven’t watched this series, Jo. it does sound a bit too violent for me, but there have been times in my life when I’ve so wanted to lash out at certain deserving people, but a good tongue lashing rather than physical.


    1. My tongue always gets me in to trouble so I lash it around a lot less these days. Yes SONS is a violent programme, but it is also about love, about family [admittedly a pretty f****d up family, about brotherhood.In the last episode Jax, the main character talks about the difficulties of being both an outlaw and a family man. In fact the whole show from day one has been about him trying to be a good man, the battles he has had to fight to do that. In the end however he could not reconcile the two parts of himself.

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  5. Great analysis, Jo! I haven’t watched it. We all want to take the high road…most of the time, well said. Thank your for sharing your insights!


    1. Taking the high road is certainly the aim Amy, but there have been moments when I have stepped back and wondered. What would I have done if the consequences were not there ??


  6. I’ve heard so much about this series, but haven’t watched it. Because of the violence I heard about in the show. But interestingly I’ve started to watch some pretty violent TV shows where before I never would. You have caught what I think as me now watching violence….letting go of emotions held in and keeping the self in check. I may check out Sons of Anarchy to see what I think. Great post!


    1. I loved this show. The writing was amazing, the acting so great, the storylines [now ya…occasionally any show will wobble] usually great. It went where other shows don’t dare I think in showing how even the really bad guys love and feel and sometimes want to be good even if they do not know how. Watch from the beginning if you do.


  7. I haven’t seen this, even if something is supposedly amazing if it has violence I never watch it, life’s too short. I agree though we are have violence within us. Personally I have a sharp, violent tongue, I’ve learned to rein it in because I’ve been told how cutting I can be, but I wouldn’t strike the first blow even with my tongue!


  8. Hi Jo,
    Lovely to have caught a post from you, And can’t say I am familiar with this programme.. and 😉 it wouldn’t be my cup of tea.. LOL.. but yes you are right.. inside each of us is that spark of violence.. Sometimes all it needs is that trigger to set it free.. And in a split second you life can be changed forever.

    Hope all is well with you Jo? Love and Hugs your way xxx Sue x


  9. “So programmes like this…they let us let go with emotion, they let us revel a little in taking revenge.” You make a very good point here, Jo, and have switched on a light in my brain as to why the men in my life love to watch violent programs.

    I can’t watch these programs because they make me feel extremely aggressive, so am not sure what that’s about…


  10. Haven’t watched the show, so can’t comment on it, but I have wanted to lash out violently at those who hurt my loved ones many, many times. And deeply regret having held back on occasion 😀


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