We have a bit of a storm due here later in New Zealand’s North Island. It looks like it will brush on down the coast, so hopefully it won’t cause to much havoc.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.33.10 am

It should just be a case of a whole lot of rain and some winds here in Katikati if Cyclone Pam keeps to her projected path, but being a cautious lass I have brought the outdoor furniture inside that is light enough to get thrown around. I did the shopping so I won’t need to go out in the car.

At present all is quite still and calm here. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too bad. Mainly I worry for those closer to the storm on the eastern coastline. After seeing the devastation Pam caused in Vanuatu I hope that they won’t have to face anything like that.

But…on to another adventure.

Wet-suited up and ready to go !!!
Wet-suited up and ready to go !!!

Last Wednesday I ticked off something from my bucket list, thanks to my darling son and his partner who gave me this wonderful gift for Christmas and my last birthday.

This yellow boat is the stuff dreams are made of...
This yellow boat is the stuff dreams are made of…

I have wanted to do this forever…and not one second of the day disappointed. I went swimming with dolphins.

How amazing are they ???
How amazing are they ???

Oh yes I did. And it was magical. It was peaceful. It was the trip of a lifetime. It will always stay with me how I felt in the water with dolphins swimming beside me, under me…looking at me as if they knew something important. Perhaps they do…for their joy is so infectious. I came home with a sense of peace that I still feel.

Now I want to share some of that with you.

IMG_5404 IMG_5380 IMG_5342 IMG_5300IMG_5287It wasn’t just dolphins we saw either…this guy was so chilled out…

IMG_5485 IMG_5466 IMG_5498And then there was the striped marlin which I learned lights up with a brilliant blue when they hunt to warn other marlin to keep away…

IMG_5556He was hunting around this bait ball…

IMG_5570The sharks we saw were too quick for me and my camera but we had fun on board as well. These guys gave me fishing instructions [which I was way too polite to tell them I didn’t really need].

DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPROAnd look what I caught…and said thank you for all the help.

DCIM100GOPROSo it was a thumbs up all around.

DCIM100GOPROLunch was…well fresh fish of course.

Mark making ready some fresh caught tuna.
Dora playing chef.
Dora playing chef.

Made all the more enjoyable with the great company of friends.

My mate Celia with Dora.
My mate Celia with Dora.

The visit to Mayor Island was a treat in itself.IMG_5218For there we got to meet Parry the parrot fish…who fed from my hand eating Kina. Dora [who works on the boat] has made him her personal friend.

Pretty cool !! I got to feed Parry myself. Yippee.

If you are in NZ and want to do this then I highly recommend Orca Wild Adventures.


    1. Thanks BB…the animals were kind enough to pose that day…lucky me. Still waiting for the storm. Now it is supposed to be arriving about midday…5 hours from now. Everything is secured that can be secured, or brought inside.

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  1. What an adventure Jo, I’d love to see one of those marlin, such a brilliant blue! I enjoyed the video of you swimming with Parry, and even touching him!
    I hope it doesn’t reach your place. We just had ours, Cyclone Marcia, it hit Yeppoon (up the coast from me) pretty bad.Take care.


    1. Thanks Barb, sadly that was not me touching Parry but Dora. He did come up to snatch some kina from my hand but then darted away. Seems he reserves all the loving for his mate Dora. Hope you didn’t get too much damage yourself Barb. We had a cyclone come in when I lived in Childers that was scary as hell. I don’t think Katikati is in its direct path. Looks more like Gisborne and surrounding areas, but they say the wind will be strong and lots of rain. I have brought what is light inside, secured the rest…keeping the laptop charged, and the thermos full. I think we are most likely to find power outages are our main problem here. It is now due to hit around midday so I just read.

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  2. That looks like quite and adventure Jo and such amazing shots of the Dolphins and Seals. I adore them! I am also sure the Dolphins know something we don’t. Thanks for sharing this. I love it. 😀 ♥


    1. It was Jill. The Son has earned major brownie points with that one !!! All is quite here. A bit of wind/rain but I just read they now are saying midday for it to really hit. Grrrrr…hate this waiting.

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  3. The gift of a lifetime, I’m so glad your dream came true. Also as a bit of a wuss in water I think you’re really brave!Your photos are amazing, I had a quick peep of them on my phone on FB and hoped you would do a post. It’s just fab seeing you again honey x:-)x


    1. I am a wuss, especially when it is deep water, but the moment I saw the dolphins it was like F**k that…I’m in. This was too good an experience not to post about Gilly…way too good.


  4. So lovely to see you happy and enjoying life Jo like this a truly never to be forgotten experience …
    Oh those dolphins have real soul and how about that electric blue colour of the Marlin … the chilling seal … and your face with the catch of the day 🙂


    1. Awww thank Poppy. I don’t think it is possible to forget not only what I saw on Wednesday…but how it felt. I was at peace for the first time in a long while.


    1. I did have a terrific day. It is starting to get a bit windy [they now say it will be at its strongest around midday], and rain is falling but I don’t think [or hope] we will get the full force here in Katikati.


  5. What a fabulous experience, Jo! I loved the video of Parry and you. Well done on the superb catch. You’re a real pro. fisher-person. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your Bucket-List experience here. I was great to see how much you enjoyed yourself. xx


  6. Dolphins, and marlins, and sharks. Oh MY! What a fun post. For us and for you. That must certainly have been an excellent adventure and I love the sparkly diamonds around the dolphins. The video was fabulous and it is SO GOOD TO SEE YOU! Stay safe and peaceful. G


  7. How exciting and loved seeing the pics. The stripes on the marlin are so vivid. I love that there’s a whole, exciting, and colorful world in the oceans. This planet is amazing.


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