Wordless Wednesday

IMG_2673 copy


  1. OMG … so beautiful, Jo … where … how … can I get to this place? … fall is upon us here … nights are clear and cold … land is waiting for snow … I am debating with myself whether I can endure another 5 months of the white curse … or just fly away … tears … Love, cat … PS: http://catsruledogsdroole.blogspot.com/ … remember me?


  2. wonderful. 🙂 Ilike how the closets and farthest trees seem to have the upper branch alignment – also like the green to the back and side – 🙂


    1. Now I tried to comment on your ‘new word press theme post to ask what editing you did with the photos because it was pretty amazing but sadly comments were closed. So I had to find another way in…ta da !!!!

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      1. Hahahha! Ta da!!! Sorry for being mia – it’s so hot here and I’m trying to stay cool, so I am not in front of the pc much. Also, I have yucky back muscle spams and I can’t sit for too long either, so that sucks.

        I used a Topaz lab plugin called Clean 3. It gives the cartoon effect and I am glad you liked it. 😀

        Take care hon. ♥ Hugs ♥


  3. Sending a silent thought your way Jo.. As I match your wordless Wednesday.. I hope all is well with you, as I have not seen much of you in Blog land recently.. Sending a Mega Hug your way.. Love Sue xxx ❤


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