Split-Second Story

For one [the  New Zealand weta] in a split second life is over…for the other [the kingfisher] a split second catch means surviving.

IMG_9147 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story


    1. Not so easy here either Gilly. At least for me. As I has Chevvy with me it was hard…she kept tugging on the lead [she hates it when I stop to take a photo], so I missed a few. This was the closest I have gotten with a camera ever.


    1. Thanks Sue. I was thrilled when I saw it back at home. Chevvy was with me, pulling on the lead so I thought that they would all be blurred. At least this one was not too bad.


        1. It is…I can still not watch on a nature doco though when a big cat takes down another animal. Nope…just have to change the channel until it is over.


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