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This month’s CBBH Photo Challenge is LOOKING FORWARD, LOOKING BACK.  All you have to do is take a photograph and then turn round and take another of what is behind you.

Which is exactly what I did. I have been taking a lot of long walks lately with Chevvy, to get out of the house. The estuary is one of my favourite places here. The other day we went and sat on a bench at the end of a small pier. It was a balm for my sore heart.

Looking forward had me mesmerized by the sunlight on the water and this family of shags playing around.

IMG_8563Looking back was of course the pier we traversed to get to the seat. It is a lot more stable than it looks.

IMG_8572So now for my two blogs.

  1. I Want Ice Water – I don’t know how to explain what sort of blog Izaak has. Actually there is no way to explain it. You just have to go see for yourself. To give you a bit of direction I am going to point towards one post…The Pussy Collection. After that, you’re on your own folks !!!
  2. Leanne Cole Photography – It is a blog I go to when I need inspiration. Beautiful, beautiful images. She also has some wonderful tips and explanations concerning photography.

Now Marianne has pointed me in the direction of Maggie, and I just have to talk about this too. Maggie is walking the Camino Portuguese at this very moment. She is blogging about it each night. I can’t wait for her posts…fascinating reading already and Maggie has only done three days. I hope you will pop over to visit Maggie’s blog – Trepidatious Traveller – either from here or from Marianne’s !!!

So that is me done for now. Just to let you know…I am doing okay. I miss Crash like crazy, but all of you wonderful comments has helped me through these first days of grief. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!


  1. Whenever I need to try to heal a sore heart, or even just think things over, I always head for water …. preferably the sea. I find it very soothing and I’m sure that Chevvy will help you heal 🙂

    Great photos, Jo!

    I’m not surprised you find inspiration in Leanne Cole’s blog – so do I. Her tutorials are legendary! And Maggie is a relatively new source of inspiration to me, walking the Camino Portuguese from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela. Inspirational women indeed 🙂

    I’ll hop over to your other link ….. with a little trepidation, Jo. LOL


  2. Great post Jo. I’m not sure whether to thank you for the mention now, or wait until you’re locked into the cell next to mine… 😉


    1. What is it they say about that…hmmmmm…oh yes. I remember now: “When you’re in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, ‘Damn, that was fun’.”

      ― Groucho Marx


  3. what rickety looking pier Jo … but so natural and inviting! Glad to think of you sitting by the water in the sunlight sparkle 🙂 You have piqued my interest so now I am off to blog hop … and to check out the Traveller … wishing you a mellow monday evening …


    1. It is sturdier than you think. Even were it to tumble, it is not far to fall thank goodness. Hope you liked the blogs. I sure do.


    1. I found this at the Te Ara – Encyclopedia of New Zealand.

      Members of the shag family belong to three groups, based on the colour of their feet: black, yellow or pink. Outside New Zealand, the black-footed shags are better known as cormorants.

      So yes I guess they are.


  4. Dogs are so empathic, they are just the best. Does Chevvy mind walking on that boardwalk? Dido and Daisy aren’t keen on rickety things!


  5. Glad to hear you finding good times out walking with Chevvy Jo … I love the clearing of the brain that comes with those sorts of walks … it also lets in new thoughts which can be very beneficial and at times quite inspiring x


  6. I’m following Marianne now on her exciting journey. Thank you for sharing.

    Both your photos are outstanding but with the second one, I see as a book cover… I wonder what the story would be about. 🙂


      1. I had considered such an adventure last summer but I now know it’s too late for me. My knees and feet aren’t up for it but I shall live vicariously through Marianne. 🙂


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