Small Stone



bees drunk on warm pollen below an autumn sunrise ~ a cat yowls next door


  1. … ya … spring just starting here … cum over here, Jo, so we can sit on my porch and yowl with the coyotees … smile … Love, cat.


      1. A MITE ?! Poor bees ! – poor beautiful bees ! Not just viruses but mites as well … We could all be in deep shit if this isn’t fixed …


          1. Well seeing as I am an honourary pirate on a friend’s boat…seeing as he is a pirate Cap’n and all, I figured I better have a ‘pirate’ pic that showed those parts of me off. Things went a little wonky though…I ended up with a swan neck…hehehehehe

            At some point I will get it right.


      1. Actually I said lots more but our landlines were slow again and every time I posted the comment, the website bombed out and I had to type it over. I tried for 3 times and then couldn’t remember anymore what I said, so I just typed as fast as I could and pressed the comment button as fast as I could. LOL!

        Today all is fine again, so now I can say what I wanted to say yesterday:

        This is one stunning shot Jo! I love how you captured this delicate and beautiful bee. Excellent depth of field as well and the bee and flower in the foreground is so sharp and clear and the most beautiful colours! Absolutely gorgeous! I just LOVE it! 😀


        1. Thank you so much for that lovely comment. I would write more but today has been a long stressful day and i am off to bed, but know I really appreciate all you said.


      2. PS: Queen of close ups? Oh boy, that is a lovely compliment hon but I am not so sure. LOL! I remember that stunning macro of the spider you took one day. If there’s a Queen of macro, then it’s you hon. For sure! 😀


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