Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Tauranga Animal Testing Protest 30.7.2013(10)Copy of Day 120 - 30.4.2013Day 86 - 26.4.2013

Waihi Beach Hop
Waihi Beach Hop


Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters


  1. Bloody excellent. I do love to see the young involved in this never-ending struggle against cruelty to the most beautiful creatures on the face of the planet – FAR more beautiful than we, for they don’t have greed and thoughtlessness ingrained, let alone a search for power.


      1. We sometimes still send a post card from our travels. Living here in China all that ever comes in our mail box is junk mail and bills. With emails and internet connections we forget about mail… the few cards I recieved here are always extra special.


        1. I know what you are saying. mostly that is all I ever get as well. Might have to start a new fad…paper letters again. trouble is the internet has made it all so instant, and you get used to that.


          1. Yes true… and when it slows down in China we all get frustrated! I waste so much time at work waiting for things to load. When you have 25 5 and 6 year old waiting on the carpet they get restless fast!
            Speaking of postcards… we sent one from Cambodia during our Christmas break and I don’t know if it ever arrived!


  2. Always love to see others that care so much about animals as we do Jo. Great shot there and good poster! As upsetting it is to see it, people should realise what harm they are doing and I hope it upsets them just as much.

    Now, I would love to have a Laugh sign like that for sure! When you’re there again, grab it and send it to me. 😆

    What a great hand shot of you posting a letter. Love it! 😀

    Last one is hilarious! If there is a god, I am sure he is still laughing his round butt off. LOL!

    Great shots and post hon. Thanks! 😀


  3. I also miss real letters. I still have a box of letters my son sent us from Summer Camp, almost 20years ago. That is a great poster against animal testing. Love the fact that the world is round. 😀


    1. I remember when I was traveling through Africa…every time we hit a town that was on the list [which we got before we left], I ran to the post office to pick up letters from home. They really meant something. E-mails just are not the same.


          1. I think today, you might be very disappointed in our postal service. Everything takes so much longer now, and quite often letters don’t arrive at all, and if they do, they’ve been tampered with en route. 😦 I complained to our postmaster, and he said there is nothing they can do to stop it.


          2. They just changed it here to reduce the number of days post is delivered in some areas. While I guess I understand it with so much less post being sent, I do mourn the beginning of the end.


  4. There are some interesting quotes on that laughter board! “Happiness is a direction…” and the one about the sun wiping Winter off your face. It did, but it’s raining again. Ah, well… good post, Jo 🙂


    1. Thanks Izzy. I miss them. There is something so nice about walking to the mailbox, opening it and finding an envelope with your name hand written on it. Though some postmen do it tough…


      1. This video is hilarious. I guess the kitty didn’t want the owner to have any bills put in the letter box. LOL
        Cats … you gotta love um. XD
        p.s. my friend uses that words … gotta – word – um- and sometimes it does seem to say it all. hahaha


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