The Honey Badger Houdini

Before we get settled watching this amazing Honey Badger…just a reminder that today is Earth Day. To learn more about the history of Earth Day and what it means today click on the image below to visit National Geographic News.


When I first saw this I could not stop laughing at how time and time again this Honey Badger foiled all attempts to keep him in. He used tree branches, so they got rid of the trees. Then he piled up the rocks against the wall so they took away the rocks. He was not foiled at all, he made his own rocks from mud and piled those up.

I dare you not to giggle at this wonderful creature.

Just shows you doesn’t it…there is ALWAYS a way if you want it bad enough.




  1. Happy Earth Day Jo! I love that video. I saw the full program back when it was broadcast on our PBS network and searched for hours for clips to post. That little guy (Stoffel?) was a total badass that wouldn’t back down from even the most dangerous animals. He even broke into a fenced off lion section just to pick a fight!


  2. What a fantastic creature! I love him, Jo ๐Ÿ™‚ But I can’t work out how they keep catching him after each escape! Does he keep coming back, just for the challenge and the fun of it?


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