Wait for it…

It is Dog Farting Awareness Day !!

Yes…it is a DAY !! So Chevvy thought we should acknowledge it…though she thinks that every day is Dog Farting Awareness Day.


However…I actually think it should be ANIMAL FARTING AWARENESS DAY, as we have a couple of other wee stinkies in the house !!!


Charlie’s favourite place to fart is right by me…on the bed, in the middle of the night.

Jackie is much more ladylike about it…she does the sneaky kind.

2014-02-03 12.47.20

All poor Crash can do is look on in horror as the only family member who doesn’t fart…well that we notice anywho !!!


Even I have been known to drop the odd one occasionally.  Just ask my kids !!! I may look all innocent and sweet…but there is a reason I drive with the window down.



    1. They have actually improved a lot since I put them all on the raw food diet. It has even got rid of Chevvy’s doggie breath. But I think that the cats pick up junk food from the neighbours…and Chevvy, well she is sneaky. Jumps the fence when I am not looking and raiding food put out for birds and a stray cat at my neighbours.


  1. Dog farts are soooo bad…Jax crop dusts us and then even HE leaves the room it’s so bad. He will fart, hear it, and look at his butt, like “What was that?” Lol The cats do it, too, but it’s not as easy to catch them in the act. Hilarious post, Jo! 😀


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