Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

As we see summer disappear here [though you wouldn’t know it today with the sun shining and the temperature hovering at 24%], my thoughts drift back to when the warmer weather heralded the crossing of a threshold in to the budding spring.

When the agapanthus begin to peek out from their buds I know the door is opening to warmth and new life.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold



    1. Mine too. so many people here hate them, but I love them. They deal to weeds, and look amazing while doing it. What more can you ask for ???


    1. Thanks. I was rather pleased with it…but really…it is all Mother Nature who does the hard work coming up with these stunning creations.


        1. My dear Sue…have you not figured it out…I never do anything on purpose. Not even waking in the morning. Everything I try to do on purpose ends up ‘shite’…so I just fly by the seat of my pants these days.


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