25 years ago today…

12-11-2011_013 2 copyOf all the cliches in the world ‘time flies when your having fun’, actually appears to be true !!

P1090706I have forgotten the extent of the pain I went through [actually – NO – I haven’t] that afternoon. What I know is that it was worth every minute of it.

th_wow_rotatesDid I really just say that ????


The Daughter is in America today. It was a quarter of a century ago that I met her for the first time, and tonight I will raise a glass to her across the sea.


I will whisper to her that…

you are a new delight each time I have the sight of you,

and in the darkness you comfort me in the knowing

of your existence,

there is not enough laughter

that your voice can’t bring more,

there are not enough tears

that your absence doesn’t

wash over me in a flood,

there is not enough music

to carry the soft lilt of your tones

to my ears,

travel well through life

knowing your first steps

left little footprints

on my heart


No mother has ever burst with pride the way I have with you. You are my laughter, my tears, my joy, my fears…you are a precious gift that lightens my soul.

If life ever takes it toll…remember beautiful girl…let the world hear you ROAR !!!!


    1. Thanks Cee !! Missing her already even though she has only just left, but we talk a lot on the phone…and knowing it will be 5 weeks until I can just chat with her is a biggee. Can’t believe 25 years have past since the day she popped up.


  1. She is such a beauty Jo and they do grow up so quickly! Please give her my belated birthday wishes and blessings for more. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥


  2. That is so beautiful Jo, and when your daughter reads your words she will cry buckets!
    Happy Birthday to your daughter, wherever she is!


    1. Thanks Barb…she is swanning around America for a couple of weeks. Then on to Europe…such a life she has.
      But she works hard so I love that after 5 years of university and the last 2 1/2 working with only two weeks vacation she is finally getting a good break.


  3. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! Such a great post and thanks for sharing such wonderful memories. you’re a great mom and I have no doubt that your daughter is just as amazing.


    1. Thanks !! She sure is a great daughter…but I have managed to make a few mistakes along the way…thank goodness she turned out like she did !


  4. Happy belated birthday to your daughter Jo…this is a lovely post; I’m sure she will cherish it. I wish her safety and lots of fun on her journey to America until she is home with you again!


    1. Thank you Sue. It sounds as if she is having fun…at least what I hear. She is off to Europe too for a few weeks. Family stuff, as well as catching up with friends. I am sure she will have a ball.


  5. Aww Happy Birthday to your beautiful Daughter Jo…. Your Love shows in every word which has touched me this afternoon… ( and no comment about me already being touched ) LOL.. I hope she had a wonderful Birthday… Love and Hugs Jo… Have a good weekend and I loved the photo album.. xxxx


    1. Thanks Al. I am missing her so I just wanted to talk about her and show her off. I really am very proud of the person she has become.


    1. I was very proud of that piano cake…though my favourite [once it was done] was a train I did for her. It had 4 or 5 carriages. Took me hours. Did one for her brother the same year as well.


        1. I loved the birthdays when they were little. I really enjoyed the cake making for their 21st birthdays, but these days I don’t get to do that sort of thing too often.
          This was for The Daughter’s…

          And this for The Son’s…


  6. I adore this. There is a great deal of love oozing from every word and your photos. Looking back over the years is touching to see. As Mothers, we never stop worrying and missing them.
    Sweet and Beautiful daughter you have.
    Blessings and Wishes of Good Health on her birthday !!!
    Issy XD


    1. Thank you Izzy. I remember my MIL coming to visit when I was first pregnant with her. MIL told me I was about to find out what the word WORRY actually meant, and that I would go on learning every day that I lived, now I had a child. Boy was she right. But the joy…oh the joy…that really does make it worthwhile.


      1. A mother … the hardest job to master. It lasts forever and we never feel we’ve done it justice.
        May all your worries be few and your heart fill everyday with the sweet blessings of hugs from your daughter. ❤


  7. What a beautiful post Jo! What is your daughter doing in the US ? Will you come see her? I am sure it is so hard! Luckily you have Skype! When I studied abroad we only had letters and I got so homesick!


    1. She is on holiday. Visiting friends in California, going to Coachella, Portland…then she heads of to Europe to catch up with family.


        1. No…not this time. I am certain that at some point she will head off overseas. At least there is skype these days. I think it will be good for her…to go out and find the place she belongs. I have a feeling it isn’t New Zealand. And as much as I will miss her when she does go…a part of me is proud that I raised her to be able to go off in to the world and find that place.


  8. Lovely post and beautiful daughter. Our daughters are sort of close in age. Mine turned 23 on April 2.
    I think that’s a great age for having a mother-daughter relationship as they are out on their own and realize that mom is smarter than they thought.


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