One Trip Every Month

This month I went somewhere I had not been in years. Katikati Bird Gardens. I took with me my Japanese student Yuseke. He had told me that they did not have birds like we do here. I think the most wonderful moment happened just after we arrived. We walked outside and two doves landed on Yuseke, both trying to get their heads in his bag of bird feed. It was the only time I got him to smile for the camera. Which is kind of sad, as he had the most beautiful smile.

And here are a few more of the feathered friends we met that day.

Now I am off to make dinner for the two new students I have for about three weeks. Two, so far lovely, young girls from Thailand.

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  1. Absolutely stunning shots Jo and I agree with you, he does have a gorgeous smile. You’ve captured it all so beautifully. All I can say is ‘Wow!’ 😀


  2. Nice ‘One Trip’, Jo. Yuseke’s smile could light up a room. It looks like the two of you had the best time. Good luck with the 2 girls. Curious to see how that goes.
    The birds are gorgeous!


    1. Thanks. His smile was so lovely…but the minute he saw a camera…serious face came out. Well the girls are here and they seem lovely, but I do wish the language barrier wasn’t so HUGE.


  3. I like the first pic of Yuseke too! Spending time with your students and lovely feather friends, what a lovely “one trip” 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Jo!


  4. I hadn’t realised your students were so young, Jo. What an incredible experience for them! Great outing, to see the birds (and so handy, having them captive so you could get such terrific closeups!) It’s raining here (for the first time since I arrived) and ‘my’ birds are sheltering under the carport but the moment I move a muscle, they’re off, irrespective of getting drenched! 🙂


    1. Yes 15 is a bit young…but so far they are fairly independent – which is good. Luckily most of those birds have free range around the gardens. They choose to stay.


  5. Being a bird fancier I do love to visit bird sanctuaries Jo, so thanks for taking me along to KatiKati, your student must have been overjoyed! Your gallery of images is wonderful 😀 Good luck with the girls … how long are they with you?


    1. You are welcome !! Almost three weeks. This is the first weekend…so I shall have to think of things to do. So far they just seem to want to catch up on sleep.


  6. No wonder Yuseke smiled – he must have been quite surprised when the doves landed on him!

    What wonderful colours, Jo – and so beautifully captured. What a talented photographer you are 🙂

    It’s always lovely taking trips and looking at them through the new eyes of visitors, isn’t it?


  7. A wonderful variety of birds you’ve posted here. Isn’t it astonishing when we’re shown the innocence of another.? A lesson for us to see.
    A very handsome young man with a smile that sparkles. He should show it more often.


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