Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Purple

A song from my wayward youth…by Deep Purple…goodness how this brings back memories. Ones I am in no way sharing with you lot !!!!

I admit it…I have added a couple of older images here…but they are soooooo PURPLE !!!!

And who among you remember this song? I used to pray that one day I would meet such a fearsome creature in my travels. I mean the purple people eater used to rock from the horn in his head and sing ‘bam boom’, that is pretty cool !  I figured I was safe as I wasn’t purple.



      1. Yes probably a good idea. I will have to set up a RSS feed. I just like getting all my blog related emails in one post! So much easier than having to remember to look in all different places!


  1. I DO ! – I remember it word for bloody word.
    I am vego because I won’t eat creatures that were alive before being killed so that I could eat some bits of them; but I’m not vegan because my eggs come from totally spoiled chookywookies and my cheese is vego too.
    I am incredibly ancient.
    I am amazed by your life; but I have heard that there are people around like you …


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