Thunderstruck I am !!!!

Today I had my first experience with 2Cellos. Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser are a pair of young Croatians who [completely unknown to me] have been going viral and knocking the bejesus out of the musical world with their performances.

This is their cover of Thunderstruck from AC/DC.

AC/DC must be so blown away by these guys. Here is the original version.

Now for those of you are are not real AC/DC fans…here is their version of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.

Why did no one insist I learn the cello ? Why did no one tell me it sounded like this ? Why did no one tell me 2Cellos existed ? I am officially in love. I am in awe. I want more…so I am off to their site to get more. I’ll be back in the morning.

To keep you going until then…here they are playing “Where The Streets Have No Name.”


  1. I have always regretted giving up the violin when I was nine. Now even more so. Back then I wanted to play outside. I could have been as cool as these dudes. I think Smooth Criminal was my fave.


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