Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


In another time

not of her making,

something grew quietly and

insidiously, taking over until it rang out her

death knell, she knew no fear as she listened to the rhythmic pealing

eventually, he had told her, we all seek our intrinsic selves


Now this week’s weekly photo challenge was for capturing something/someone inside something. I think this fits.

Girl in a plastic bubble


This weekend the fur babies and I stayed inside due to Cyclone Lusi…which though bringing wind and rain to the area was not too bad.

At times Charlie and Chevvy thought it was all too much having to stay inside for so long…


But for the most they and Jack and Crash amused themselves. While I watched movies and read.

And this little guy thought it was much better to be inside…


Now the sun is shining so I am off to finish harvesting those potato tyres. Might be good for dinner tonight !!!!


  1. Great take on the challenge. That photo of the cat and dog staring out is really something. The cat looks totally fed up. 🙂


    1. When Charlie decides he wants to go out…then get out of his way or he shows you exactly how he feels. He is a character, but he has EVERYONE completely under his spell.


    1. Actually Chevvy was a pain. She would NOT go out to do her business unless I went too. I had to take her for a walk in the shitty weather around the block. If I tried to get her outside here she just huddled and looked miserable.


        1. No…she just did NOT want to go out in the wind and rain in my garden. But the minute the lead came out and ‘walkies’ were on the table, well that was a whole different matter. Who cares that I got soaked walking around the block.


  2. What a good way to weather the storm, by staying inside (for the most part) and reading and watching movies! Glad the cyclone wasn’t too bad in your neck of the woods.


  3. Charlie and Chevvy look like Miles and Att when the weather is crappy. Loved seeing all the fur/feather babies. Hope the potatoes were yummy!


    1. They were not overly impressed. The potatoes [I have only eaten the really small ones so far], were delish !!!!! Not as many as I had hoped for, or as big, but for a first attempt at potato growing I am very happy.


          1. hee hee… but those puppy dog eyes 😉
            My parents haven’t seen our new cat, but from the photos my dad says she looks like a little devil. She can be! Like when she knows not to scratch the door, but looks at you first then does it when you are right beside her! Little cheeky monkey! I go to give her a swat and she is too fast and runs off. Now it is a game of chase!


  4. So creative Jo – nicely done. Isn’t it amazing how into our own little worlds we are? Had no idea there was a bad storm out there. Glad to hear it’s over and all is well. Hope the pets are enjoying renewed good weather!!


    1. They have been Tina…though it is wet today. A good day to catch up inside. Charlie is snuggled beside me on the bed and Chevvy is here too, so no feeling lonely.


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