I’m at a loss over the ruckus !!!!

There is a lot of who haa it seems over Carefree’s new ads in Australia. I personally think the ads are great. It is time to stop this being some dirty little secret women have and remember half the world has periods. And a good deal of those people use tampons.

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Unless we stop making this sort of thing something to be kept in the ‘don’t discuss’ box girls will continue to be in exactly the positions you see some of these girls in the ads.

I personally have experienced, and been mortified, by leakage showing through my clothing. I certainly have dropped one or two tampons in full view of strangers, and I know exactly how that young lady felt sitting there wondering: “Shoving that…up there.” And saying that the young gymnast is GROSS…please…what female has not had to deal with pads slip sliding away.

I remember when I got my periods. No-one had ever discussed any part of that with me, so I thought I was dying. Seriously…I did. Everything I discovered about menstrual cycles, and how to deal with them was done the hard way…through trial and error. I tried very hard to make sure The Daughter had ALL the information she needed, but not all girls get the info from trusted sources.

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I must be missing something here because I fail to see what is sooooo graphic about these ads. As for the young lady who GOOGLED where to put it. It is not a dig at womens’ intelligence. It is exactly what someone would do who hasn’t had the talk, who doesn’t know.

There was also comment about Carefree being disrespectful to women who experience period pain. Come on. People please. These ads are a humerous look at situations young women find themselves in. It is hardly Carefree’s place to advise women on what they should be doing regarding pain.

I did take heart from the comments from young women saying it was great to see that what they experienced was common to women all around them.

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I guess I do not understand why people are quick to say this is either offensive or crass. It is an ad campaign. With humour. Meant to be targeted at young women who find it all a bit embarrassing. Letting them know that others are going through the same thing. It is not trying to address world hunger, endometriosis, PCOS, adenomyosi, conception difficulties, erectile dysfunction, 1980’s fashion, 1980’s hair or whether Monsanto should be shut down before it kills us and the planet. 

All things some of these people should maybe worry about a bit more than an ad campaign…if you want my opinion.

And just to end on a high note…


  1. And the problem here is?? This is how it happens, I actually prefer this over the feel good nancy pansy ads they used to put on. And for most girls it’s all happened to us one way or another.


  2. Are the people lodging complaints also lodging complaints about all the ads for erectile dysfunction? “if you have an erection over 4 hours call your doctor right away…..” etc., etc. I personally think the ads are ok in this tell it all time we live in where everything seems to be put out there,, but I truly think that there don’t need to be ads about it on TV. I shudder to think of what the toilet paper manufacturers are dreaming up once they get tired of showing bear”s rear ends being clean with Charmin.


  3. I don’t like secrecy. A young girl should feel proud of herself, not afraid, dirty or uninformed. Information is power after all. Why not in this instance as well–a normal natural function of life.


  4. Strange, isn’t it? I have to say first that when I began reading your post I had no recollection of any ad that would have elicited your ire like that (and was relieved you posted the offending media!). Ahh, yes, I thought, cringing a little at the memories almost all the scenarios prompted. I’m wondering, is this why so there’ve been so many negative responses? Embarrassed by their embarrassment? 🙂


  5. Nothing wrong at all. And it’s even just about the menstruation tools, it’s about embrassing moments. It’s good for laughs, it’s good for advertising. Plain and simple. Love the last vid.


  6. That is so sad. Those people are complaining because they have been made to feel shame in the past for being a woman.

    I’ve had ALL those embarrassing things happen to me (and more, oh, dear, more). I am currently in the throes of menstrual cramps (at the age of 44! when will it end?) and sometimes it is nice to see things like this and laugh. I, for one, like the commercials. There’s nothing crass about them.

    Like you said, half the population of the world deals with it every month. Get over it.


  7. hahahahaha omg I am laughing my ass off! Mind you, I haven’t seen the ad, but from the description I think people’s outrage is LUDICROUS! hello, people…..an entire plane up and disappeared this week, and you are focused on THIS??
    Good grief…these complainers and whiners need to let go of their first world problems!!!!!


  8. OMG as I read I wondered what on earth these ads were going to be like! Then I watched. What a load of fuss, these women need to get real instead of turning menstruation into some akin to being possessed by the devil.


  9. It’s sad that young women are made to feel dirty. Remember the commercials for Summer’s Eve? Horrible messages. I think that mothers today are more intelligent about informing their daughters about what’s going on with their bodies, at least I’d like to hope so. I think the ads are funny and realistic, straight to the point. I agree. What’s the big deal?


  10. Saw these ads today for the first time – there was a Carefree ad on my Facebook feed. How does Facebook know my cycle!? O.o

    I too fail to see the offense, and actually found both ads to be hilariously relatable. I also read through some of the complaints on the Carefree Facebook page – most of which couldn’t give a reason, and others that complained their kids saw it or something… But isn’t that kind of the point? Urgh.


    1. Facebook has eyes and ears EVERYWHERE…don’t you know that ????

      I thought the whole point of ads like these were to take away the embarrassment. And why parents think this isn’t a great natural way to have a conversation about something so normal I will never understand.


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