Travel Theme: Tempting

There is nothing that tempts me out of my comfortable bed more than knowing someone is cooking me breakfast. When The Daughter was home for a visit she made me her staple brekkie for Sunday brunch.

Mine consisted of fried eggs on toast, chilli beans, avocado and fried tomato !! To hers was added some crispy fried bacon.

All washed down with coffee.

A new treat she turned me on to is COLD COFFEE.

Made in the plunger and later left to drip through a coffee filter. Then it is left for 24 hours. When the 24 hours is up you add some sugar to boiling water, let cool a little, pour coffee and add the sugar mix.

I likee…I likee a lot !!!!!!

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    1. Oh wow. Like I said on the post…my dream is to make it to Cuba…and maybe never leave. Your photos are amazing…and you are so pretty !!!!


    1. It was yummy. I don’t miss it really…except for when there is bacon cooking. Still, I look at a picture of a pig…then I don’t want it anymore.


  1. It’s also the tempting aromas wafting upstairs that brings me racing down too Jo 😉
    Aren’t daughters wonderful !


  2. I was good til the cold coffee, but the pix look delish! And I can’t tell if it’s hot or cold from this, so… 😉
    I need everything burning my tongue! Sick? I don’t know. Maybe.


  3. Okay, now I’m hungry. I can do Iced Coffee, and had an aunt that drank cold coffee exactly the way you described, but I can’t drink it if it’s too old – it gets WAY too acidic for my sensitive stomach. Still looking for the veggie bacon at the grocery – last time we went, the brand I want to try was sold out. 😦 BUT I WILL try it, because I’d like to switch over to that…


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