Wordless Wednesday


Completely unrelated subject:

Protect Amazon.com Users and Indie Publishing Authors from Bullying and Harassment by Removing Anonymity and Requiring Identity Verification for Reviewing and Forum Participation – Sign This Petition !!!

I invented a pie…oh yes I did. And you can vote on it so I can well…win kudos of course, plus money !!! Mine is the “Under the Sea” pie in the Pie Warmer.


    1. Thanks Gilly. No you wouldn’t find it. I clicked the link then realised you have to LIKE the FB page to see it. No worries…it was just a bit of fun.


    1. Sorry Madhu…my fault. Seems you have to like the FB page to see it, which I realised after Gilly said she couldn’t find it and I went investigating. My BAD, as they say !!!


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