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Hoping I am not too old to learn a new skill.

I have a Japanese student staying with me. He is sweet and polite, but speaks very little English, which leads to some funny conversations. Yusuke is here until Tuesday 11th of March. Not a long time, but hopefully an enjoyable one.

I hope to learn from Yusuke a thing or two. One skill he has tried very patiently to impart is origami. And here is my first attempt.

A crane…


origami crane


47 thoughts on “Hoping I am not too old to learn a new skill.”

    1. Challenging it was. Sadly bridging the gap might not really happen, as he is here for such a short time. But we had fun yesterday visiting the local Bird Gardens where he was having a fine time with doves landing on him. He leaves on Tuesday.


  1. Nice! I saw a commercial and someone was making all kinds of origami from dollar bills. Also interesting paper. My favorite was the camera. Kind of a little brownie instamatic type of thing. Get him to show you that! πŸ˜€
    And have fun learning!


  2. I don’t believe in being too old to learn news things. I love your crane. In elementary school one of my buddies used to make me origami gifts every day during the fifth grade. it wasn’t until years later did I realize he had a crush on me. He must have thought I was playing hard to get πŸ™‚ I just didn’t realize it.


    1. I am a bit like that too. I had a great ‘friend’ when I was younger. Adored him in the totally platonic way. One day a girlfriend let slip he was keen, and then I got the whole “How could you not know” speech. I never realised. Sad thing is…knowing ruined the friendship. I was so on edge that I might do something he would take as a come on, that I stopped being me, and then it just died.


  3. First attempt??? You made a fantastic crane and I love your choice of paper!

    I don’t think we’re ever too old to learn something new, and excel at it.

    I have noticed many older people seem to lose interest in learning/trying new things, though! Why is that? I think this lack of interest has translated into young people assuming older folk CAN’T master anything unfamiliar.
    People like us will never fall into the “too old to learn” category because we’re eager to challenge ourselves and discover new territory!


    1. I think that it is just a certain type who get bogged down in their lives. They get comfortable and change [even learning] makes them uncomfortable. I hope I never get comfortable like that.


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