Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

There was no way I couldn’t think outside the box on this one.

RODRIGUEZ in concert Auckland New ZealandA while ago I went to see Rodriguez in concert.

RODRIGUEZ in concert Auckland New Zealand

To me…Rodriguez was one of the most abandoned singers of my generation. Abandoned by his record company, he was kept from most of the world for decades until two men went in search of the real story about what happened to this talented singer/songwriter.

And so the film SEARCHING FOR SUGARMAN was born.

Finally Rodriguez was brought in from the cold to a world that rejoiced not only in his music, but in his story. One that showed it is never to late for any of us, as long as we don’t abandon what we love and what are our truths.

Here is a taste of what I saw that night.

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  1. It is such an amazing story, how it all turned out in finding him after all this time.


  2. Brilliant take on! “.. don’t abandon what we love and what are our truths.” will stay with me. Thank you, Jo!


  3. He’s such a wonderfully funny and unbitter man, in spite of everything. At his concert in Sydney last year, he said: “I’m a solid 70. I’m not getting old, I’m getting dead.” haha


    1. He is funny.
      If you watched the video I took, at one point he asks the audience: “Does anyone want to know the secret to life? Breathe in then out.”


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