Three Lamps Bar and Eatery

When I went up to Auckland last, we went out in Ponsonby for lunch, as the next day was The Son’s 23rd birthday, but he had plans.

The Son’s brief was for a pub lunch, so guided by The Daughter we wandered around and headed to the Three Lamps and Eatery. It is a beautiful building.

Three Lamps Bar and Eatery

It was quiet when we arrived. That is probably because we were having an early lunch after spending the morning watching the Wet Hot Beauties frolic in the sea. I imagine most Aucklanders tend to eat a bit later on a Saturday afternoon. Inside were only the bar staff I think, but they had a lovely outside area…again not busy but that was good.

When the menu arrived it was huge. What I wasn’t prepared for was that only one page had food on it while the other 6 pages were beers mostly. I imagine there is a different menu for the dinner crowd, so as a lunch menu goes it was more than sufficient.


Okay, it is a ‘craft beer’ bar, so as you might imagine the range of beers was incredible. You can see the list here. 

Impressive no ????

While we waited for our order we all tucked in to the fresh baked breads with house made dips, olive oil, balsamic marinated olives, three lamps style.  A very nice way to enjoy sitting around with a beer and having a chat.

I had the chilli and garlic prawns and wasn’t sorry that I did.

I liked the atmosphere for a summer’s afternoon and I was with friends and family…so in the end…it was perfect.


  1. Sounds great and your photos convey a lovely sense of celebration. Just realised that the building is the old Ponsonby Post Office. Last time I was there it was a Belgian beer bar. Must be time for another visit. 🙂


  2. Impressive building there Jo *1912 Love it ! and of course the yummy lunch Birthday celebration photos … it’s the middleof the night and I’m drooling 😉


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