Kevin and music

It is never too late in the game to change what you do with your life. I guess that is what gives me hope about my writing and photography, especially as I have taken them up again at this late stage in my life.

Kevin Costner has proven that. The last few years he has taken his interest in music and together with his band mates from Modern West has been pumping out tracks and performing around the world.

Sadly, he has not yet made it to New Zealand, but I am hopeful. I am not sure what you would classify his music as. Maybe you could tell me what you think it falls under. The following song is the song that really drew me to his music. It remains a favourite to this day.

The band has had three albums released.

  • Untold Truths
  • Turn It On
  • From Where I Stand

As well as Famous for Killing Each Other: Music from and Inspired By Hatfields & McCoys.

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  1. Must be wonderful to be a famous actor and then go off and get your own band. Sounds like fun indeed Jo. 🙂
    I can so relate to what you said. I am a ‘late bloomer’ as well where photography is concerned and wish I could afford a Nikon or Canon with a telephoto lens. I would love to travel all over with in a motorhome, take photo’s and publish them. As for the writing part, I think I will get you to do it..hahahaha
    Great post and share hon. 😀 *hugs*


    1. I love that he is doing it in a completely different sphere and having fun…that makes me feel that anything is possible for the rest of us.


  2. I had no idea he was in a band. The only thing I’ve heard about him since his film “sleeping with wolves”, is that he had a rant about Jews when he was pulled over for drinking & driving.


          1. Here are some of his projects from 2005 on:

            3 Days to Kill – just out so I haven’t seen it yet

            2014 – Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – haven’t seen this but it looks good from the trailers, and I like Chris Pine as well.

            2013 Man of Steel – Jonathan Kent – he was really good in this.

            2012 Hatfields & McCoys (TV Mini-Series) – ‘Devil’ Anse Hatfield – OMG…his best role ever !!!!!

            2010 – The Company Men – not seen yet.

            2009 – The New Daughter – not one of my all time favourites I will admit.

            2008 – Swing Vote – very funny and poignant at the same time

            2007 Mr. Brooks – WOW – so different, he plays a series killer, and I loved where he went with this one. Only thing I didn’t like was that they tangled up the story with his daughter in the film…not sure it worked, but Kevin was awesome.

            2006 – The Guardian – A movie you have to see. I have a friend who can’t stand Kevin [well his voice actually]. i talked him in to watching this and he loved it.

            2005 – Rumor Has It…This is soooooooo funny.

            2005 – The Upside of Anger – one of his best roles, and the rest of the cast is brilliant.


  3. Not really my kind of music from the couple of tracks I listened to, Jo, but good for him for giving it a shot. 🙂 Not so easy to do when you have a name for something else.


    1. I can see his music might not be for everyone Jo…but as a complete and utter ‘KEVIN’ stalker type fan…hehehehe…everything he does is good by me.


  4. Wow! What a great honey filled voice! I enjoyed this immensely! I’m never too surprised by actors who venture into other creative fields…it’s who they are at their core and so many are multi-talented. I’m chuckling a bit because you and i both wrote posts about music yesterday! wierd!


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